This is a game that I was really sorry to miss; I didn’t even get to check for regular updates since I was on Catalina Island with a limited cell phone battery.  I actually checked in at three different points in the game – after the fifth inning to see if Josh Tomlin set the record for consecutive games of 5+ innings, then again in the seventh inning, when the Indians down 2-1 with runners on first and third, and again at the end to see if they held onto the win.

I will admit, when the Yankees jumped out to a 2-0 lead, I did not have much faith in the Indians’ offense.  When I saw that Austin Kearns was coming to bat with two outs and runners at first and third, I angrily turned the game off because I didn’t want to see the outcome of his at-bat.  I figured that he’d strike out, or pop up as he usually does…I didn’t want to waste what was left of my battery on that.  Lo and behold, when I checked again a short time later, the Indians were up 4-2.  I couldn’t believe it – Kearns didn’t choke *and* he hit a home run.  He entered the at-bat with a .192 batting average and zero home runs so far this season.  I’ve made my Kearns-related opinions known, but for a couple of days at least, I’ll leave him alone.

I’m really impressed by Josh Tomlin’s streak, primarily due to the fact that Tomlin doesn’t really have overpowering stuff.  He still manages to attack hitters and confuse them; a formula that’s obviously worked for him thus far.  To keep that tough Yankees lineup hitless for half of the game is no easy feat.   To last five or more innings 29 straight times is simply amazing.

I heard that the crowd at Progressive Field was really rocking tonight, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person.  I heard there was supposed to be a nice tribute to Bob Feller prior to the game – did anyone get to see it?  I’m curious to hear what it was like.



  • Mark says:

    Since I now live in Cincy, I watched the game on MLB network which, unfortunately, picked up the YES network feed so we we got an overdose of Jeter and his greatness. However, the announcers did pick up on what I had already observed – prior to his home run, Kearns had the best two swings (for outs) of all Indian hitters. His first out was a high deep fly to left and his second was a line drive that Swisher ran down in right-center. When Duncan came up, I prayed he would somehow get on and that Gerardi would leave Burnett in the game because it appeared Kearns was very comfortable hitting against him. Prayers were answered.

    It was also my first time seeing Vinnie Pestano pitch. Not good last night. I was a bit surprised that after he got Jeter to line out, Acta did not got to the pen for R. Perez. Instead, he let him face two lefties, Granderson and Teixeira. We still won, so I guess I will keep quiet and savor any home win against the Yankees.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Ahhh, very interesting. Kearns has taken so many bad swings this year, it’s good to hear that he looked pretty good against Burnett all day (even if the prior at-bats were outs).

    Pestano had another shaky game recently, but he’s been so good that I end up letting him slide. I’m surprised that Acta didn’t go to R. Perez or Sipp, but at least it turned out okay. Sipp was terrible against the Yankees last year (I think he had about a 13.00 ERA) but he was fine when he pitched against them in New York earlier this year. So that can’t be the reason he avoided him.

    I used to live out of state; we’d always purchase that MLB package where you get to watch all of the games (so I could still see the Indians). We’d get the straight feed, including the local commercials. The Yes Network used to crack me up…every other commercial always seeemd to be for a “Yankeeography” (their little biography show) on a different player. I used to joke “this week, Yankeeography on the bat boy” because they’d already featured almost every player. (or at least it seemed like it!)

  • Mark says:

    Stephanie – Just to clarify – Sipp did indeed pitch last night to one batter ( Brett Gardner) and struck him out. Then Acta brought in Pestano. I thought it would be to face one batter (Jeter) and then bring in our other lefty to face Granderson and possibly Teixeira.

    Another observation on last night’s game is how Duncan weakly fouled a hanging curve ball that he should have crushed and went down in the count 0-2, only to bounce back with an opposite field single. Turned out to be a good at bat.

    Lastly, Asdrubal Cabrera limped into second in the bottom of the sixth after hitting a sure double meaning he didn’t have to run hard to second base. He stayed in the game and I have not heard anything since, so I hope he is fine and can play tonight. He is clearly the MVP of the this team so far this year.