It’s never easy to watch your team lose. Goodness knows we did that 93 times last season alone. I’m not panicking because we lost three in a row. (Put in perspective, we dropped the final game but split the four-game Royals series in Kansas City and piggybacked that with two losses in Minnesota. This is not the end of the world).  And I’m not going to panic because Carlos Carrasco left the game on Sunday after three innings with tightness in his right elbow. Maybe it’s because I’m an optimist. Maybe it’s because I have great faith in the Cleveland Clinic/Cleveland Indians doctors. Maybe it’s because I have hopes that Carrasco was pulled before he did big damage to his elbow.

Carrasco’s injury shouldn’t be cause for panic. We still have solid arms in Masterson, Tomlin, and yes, Carmona. (He has it in him–we saw that in 2007. He’ll find his rhythm this year.) If Carrasco goes on the DL, it seems likely that Jeanmar Gomez or David Huff would take his place in the rotation.

It’s one of the sad realities of professional sports (or even amateur sports): you’re probably going to get injured. We have five Indians on the DL–Carrasco, Crowe, Donald, Goedert, and Talbot. Currently, lists 130 total players on the DL. That’s a lot of injuries. Most of them are the equivalent of repetitive stress syndrome–if you do the same motion over and over, your joints and tendons are likely to rebel. Some injuries are kind of surprising. Ronny Paulino of the Mets is out with anemia; former Indian (2005-08) Franklin Gutierrez of the Mariners is out with irritable bowel syndrome; and Scott Downs of the Angels has a stomach virus. Baseball players get sick too-who knew?

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