This afternoon we’ll see the enigma known as Ubaldo Jimenez take on ‘ol man Andy Pettitte.  Pettitte, as you may know, is left handed; this probably doesn’t bode well for the Indians.  To determine how Jimenez will perform, I decided to roll a dice – 1 to 3 means that he’ll do well, 4-6 means that he’ll pitch poorly.  It came up 3, so I’m going to go with a good day from Jimenez.  Stay tuned to this post to find out!

Top 4 – Okay, so better late than never!  I was right to trust the dice roll thus far with Jimenez.  The Indians decided to score their token run early, so hopefully they can keep it going.

Bottom 4 – When I was driving up here, Tom Hamilton kept complaining about Jimenez not getting strike calls, while Pettitte was getting more calls.

I always complain about the Yankees snagging up all of the talent, particularly when it comes to bench players.  A guy that’s a starter on any other team is a fourth outfielder for them, or a utility infielder.  But for once, I’m kind of baffled – Jayson Nix?  I can’t believe he’s even in the majors, nonetheless with the Yankees.

My friend Corey thinks Raul Ibanez looks like he’s about 60.

I hate to be Captain Negativity, but I fear this may be the end of the game.  I’m not optimistic they’ll do better than token run.

Top 5th – Ouch, that actually hurt my leg watching that.

I’m sure the Yankees can’t be too happy right now.  First Sabathia goes down, now Pettitte is walking off the field.  For a team that’s been on fire lately, it can’t feel good to watch two of your biggest starters go down with an injury.

Joke from Corey: Scientists thought that they found the Lake Erie Monster (he’s drinking Lake Erie Monster) but it was actually just a clump of Chris Perez’s hair.

We both agree that if Chris Perez was kept busier lately, he’d probably have less time for controversial comments.

Corey had an epiphany – The reason Manny Acta hasn’t been doing anything is that he’s not even wearing real glasses anymore.  He’s wearing those lens-less glasses that all of the NBA players have been wearing and can’t see anything.

I’m just an idiot with a blog, but I would’ve held the runners and taken the out at first.

I had to point out to Corey that no, you can’t crane-kick the catcher when running home.

If they runners would at held at second and third, you may have been able to get 2 runs there.

Corey pointed out that CC Sabathia pulled his groin waiting in line at a deli.  He got too excited waiting for his food.

Bottom 6th – So I got distracted for a while, but now I feel less frightened and confused because the Indians are once again losing.

Top 7th – So maybe there’s been too much daydrinking, but I didn’t realize Freddy Garcia was in the game.  So the Indians can’t hit Freddy Garcia, hasn’t he been terrible this year?

I hate the Yankees, but I’m really sad to see about Pettitte’s ankle.  I like the idea of a guy coming out of retirement and doing a great job.

Argh.  Whatever.  Yet another loss.

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