As July fast approaches and Trade Deadline rumors swirl . . . a quick peek back at last year’s Jimenez deal through a more recent prism.

According to CBS Sports, this week Colorado GM Dan O’Dowd said the Rockies (29-46 and 14 games behind) would not trade OF Michael Cuddyer. O’Dowd then added:

“But if someone’s going to come along and make an offer like Cleveland
did with Jimenez, I’m not stupid.”

A telling comment. But is it true?

In case you were wondering, the first year’s return on investment is marginal for both sides:

Pomeranz         2012             0-2         4.70
Career                                  2-3        5.01

White               2012           2-6          6.45
Career                                5-10        6.73

Jimenez                            11-10         4.86            since the trade

Both Pomeranz and White are back in AAA. It will take another 1-2 years to see how they develop and what Jimenez does in the interim to accurately assess the trade.

I never liked the deal but at least it was an aggressive move, not a band aid. We need the same approach this year.

We probably only have enough in the tank for 1 move. SP or RH bat?


  • The Doctor says:

    It it means some crackpot idea like trading for Kevin Youkilis, I’d much prefer they stand pat. Then again, if they could find someone/something to replace Shelley Duncan, I’d be fine with that – a couple of rosin bags or some old gloves could probably provide roughly the same offensive production as Duncan.

  • Justin says:

    Hafner will be back soon, so the thinking is he will bring some power and OBP to the line-up. The hope is Sizemore will return shortly after the All-Star break. He needs to be placed in LEFT field and the NINE spot. Hopefully he brings a much neeeded spark to the club. I know, both LH bats, but it’s what we got and there is talent there. JDamon is coming around and I sense he is a positive attribute to the clubhouse – an aspect I think many people over look for a “young” club. So my thought is he stays. The only one I see on the big league club that has trade value and the team should be willing to part with is Lowe. He has done a nice job for us but since his complete game things have been poor. Starting pitching needs to improve NOW. I like McAllister, he stays – but that makes FIVE RH starters. The club needs to find a solid LH arm (maybe 2). Don’t destroy this team for the future. We truly have some talent and (always a scary word) potential. Don’t mess with Santana, Chisenhall, Cabrera, Kipnis, Brantley, Choo, and yes Laporta.

    • Swift says:

      I’m starting to doubt Sizemore for this season. He has stopped his rehab work for about the last month (some unclear set back) and may start up again this week. Maybe he makes September, but I seriously doubt he will make a signficant contribution this year.

  • SeattleStu says:

    we are a sad but loyal lot, we tribe fans. I want to weep reading Justin’s last sentence and thinking that’s the cream of our crop….good grief.

  • Alex says:

    The Indians can call up LaPorta to replace Duncan, but they could use a good starter. I think someone like Wandy Rodriguez would be pretty good, but he’s going to be out of our price range because we don’t have any great prospects we’d be willing to part with. We need to find a starter who will cost us a couple of middling or weaker prospects, like what the Phillies just did with Thome. A starter worth that amount would be like (gulp) Bartolo Colon, if healthy, or maybe even Kevin Millwood. With our best starter having an ERA of 4.09 (Masterson), any decent pitcher would help.

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