Tonight’s 6-4 loss to the Yankees was a serious snoozer until a Jose Lopez 3-run homer with 2 outs in the 9th made it almost interesting. Alas, too little too late.

Like yesterday, when the Yankees jumped Josh Tomlin for a 6-0 lead after 3 innings, this game was effectively over early when Masterson fell behind 3-0 in the 2nd. Justin entered the game with 0 ERs in his last 20 IP but did not have his recent command and threw 103 pitches in the first 5 innings (114 for the game).

Pernicious anemia. Aside from the brief eruption in the 9th, the Tribe offense has averaged 1.4 runs the last 6 games. A breakdown of tonight’s opportunities shows the breakdown of the hitting:

3d Inning

Hannahan     1B
Chisenhall     1B
Choo                                     DP
Cabrera                               Fly Out

5th Inning

Damon            1B
Kotchman                          DP
Hannahan                          Fly Out

6th Inning

Choo                1B (1 out)
Cabrera            1B
Kipnis                                  K
Santana                               K

7th Inning

Brantley          2B
Damon                              Ground out (runner advances)
Kotchman                          Pop to RF, too shallow
Hannahan                          Pop Out

Yankee Stadium Mystique

As so often happens to visiting teams in Yankee Stadium, the umpiring prism got skewed again. In the 7th Hannahan sent a foul down the line which LF Dwayne Wise tried to catch. As he fell into the stands the ball clearly came out of his glove but a fan conveniently placed it back in the glove as Wise lay in the first row. Wise showed it to umpire Mike DiMuro who called Hannahan out.

The next inning when Hannahan took the field (most likely after seeing a replay) he told DiMuro he missed the call and DiMuro ejected Hannahan for his candor.

What a guy, that Mike DiMuro. If he did not see the play (and clearly he did not) or had doubts whether Wise in fact caught the ball, the proper call was no catch. We’ll never know if it altered the outcome (although Brantley was on 3B with 2 out) but such a poor call is yet another example of why some form of replay is needed.

An afternoon game tomorrow. Scarlett better be right.


  • Mary Jo says:

    You have to watch the video highlight of that “catch”. Yes the announcer mentions that a fan puts the ball in Wise’s glove…but that isn’t what you see soon after. Starting right around the one minute mark they start to walk you through the fan down the row picking the ball up AS DIMURA WALKS RIGHT PAST HIM while the fan is waving the ball! The guy in the red shirt could have shoved the ball in the ump’s ear! If we’re lucky, the link will “take” below. If not, search “Wise’s Disputed Catch” in the 6-26 videos.

    Just one more reason why Selig should give in to reply, but he’s afraid the right calls – I mean instant replay – will ruin the integrity of the game. *eyeroll*

  • Mary Jo says:

    As Stephanie (maybe Sussn?) has pointed out, we rarely do well in a get-away game. I’m all for the team doing the Colt Bolt. Hope they packed up and headed to Baltimore tonight. I suggest they play tourists down by the Harbor for the day. :-)

  • Will McIlroy says:

    There was a fan in a red shirt who raised a ball in his hand after Wise was on his back in the stands. However, it is unclear if it was the game ball or not. The fan was also a couple seats away from the landing point and there was no overt indication of him placing the ball in the glove.

    The larger points are: (1) the ball clearly popped out of Wise’s glove as he fell against the wall; and (2) DiMuro could not have actually seen a catch since Wise was out of view; and (3) an ump can not assume a catch in such circumstances when the player and ball are separated.

    You have to love it when replay opponents argue about the ‘pace of the game’ but yet we must endure these tiresome on-field arguments and confrontations which rapidly escalate into theatrics and ego. Which is worse, taking 2 minutes to get it right or watching grown men pop their neck veins for nothing (the ump will not change his mind because you call him creative names).

  • Will McIlroy says:

    The ESPN story on the catch raises the question whether the ball ever ended up in Wise’s glove at all or if he simply ran off the field like he had it. After viewing a replay postgame, DiMuro said maybe in hindsight he should have asked to see the ball in the glove. Really?

    And the beat goes on . . .

  • Drew says:

    An absolutely horrendous call. I do not know why Manny Acta didn’t dispute the second Wise started running in. But do you really think it would have mattered. The team was already down 4-0 at the time.

    I used to referee hockey and the rule determining a goal when there are a bunch of bodies in the crease and puck is not free is that unless it is visibly in the goal before the whistle, it is no goal. To such an extent, that if I were to have blown the whistle without seeing the puck in the net, the play is dead an no matter where I find it once the scene is clear, the plays stands as a no goal.

    Wise should have had to show the ump the ball to earn the out.

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