On a night when the starters struggled and the ball carried the Indians and Reds combined for 27 hits and 19 runs in an entertaining, much needed 10-9 Tribe win.

The Fight

The first inning set the tone. Joey Votto, fooled and out on his front foot, lifted a high fly which hung forever in the humid air then somehow carried just over the right center field wall for a home run. As if Votto needed the help. In the bottom of the inning Choo homered on the second pitch from Mat Latos. The rest of the night was leapfrog and beat me if you can.

Latos dominated the Indians last week (7 IP, 2 runs, 7 Ks) but did not fare as well in the rematch, yielding 8 hits and 7 runs in only 4 frames. Lucky us, because Derek Lowe was not sharp (11 hits and 5 runs in only 5 IP) even though nearly 2/3 of his 83 pitches were strikes.

The Tribe bullpen kept control of the game by giving up just 2 runs, including 1 in the 9th off Chris Perez. The win brought the Indians back to within .5 game of the White Sox.

Good Stuff

— Three Tribe HRs (Choo, Kotchman, Chisenhall)
— 2 hits for Choo, Brantley and Santana
— 3 RBI for Kotchman
— 3 hits and 3 RBI for Chisenhall (HR, 3B and 1B)
— 5 for 13 with RISP, only 3 LOB
— Damon and Cunningham both had hits. Good to see.

Not So Good Stuff

— The 2-3-4 hitters went 1 for 11
— Lopez hit cleanup
— Damon’s misadventures in LF continued with a bad misplay on a ball down the line which caromed through his legs all the way to the wall; a 2B effectively turned into an inside the park HR for Brandon Phillips


Le Animositie, Partie Deux  (The Feud, Part Two)

Pardon my French, I took German instead. But what better way to recount last week’s juvenile maleness?

During the prior series in Cincinnati, Reds manager Dusty Baker told starter Mat Latos to “buzz” Derek Lowe and “make him uncomfortable.” A neck-high 96 mph heater followed and Lowe stepped out of the box and pointed the end of his bat at Baker, who wiggled a no-no finger back.

Sacre bleu!

Apparently the feud started in 2008, when Baker managed the Reds and Lowe pitched for the Dodgers. Baker claims Lowe said something derogatory about him after “drinking” in the clubhouse and team executives on both sides became involved. Lowe said Baker made the whole “bogus” thing up.

Mon Dieu!

Head scratch. If this nonsense happened in 2008 and there was no recent renewal of vows, why is it still going on? From 2008 to 2011 Baker remained with the Reds and Lowe played with the Braves, both NL teams. Ample opportunities existed for scalps or a Dr. Phil moment. So why now?

Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

Tonight was not exactly Quasimodo’s Revenge or The Storming of the Bastille. No histrionics, no on-field fireworks and no “buzz” cuts. In short, no beef and no sizzle. Le Dud.

Reportedly MLB is reviewing the matter and both men were told to zipper further comment. Charities will likely benefit.

Still, there is hope. We play the Reds again next year and garcons will always be garcons.

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