All Aboard!

June 18, 2012

For the trivial-minded among us:

This season the Indians have mastered the extreme sport of whiplash roller-coastering. The kind of jumps, drops and 180 moves that would make Sean White proud, if not injured. Watch out below.

April                     May                  June

   1-4                        6-2                   5-4

   8-2                        1-5                   1-5

   2-3                        8-2


Record                11-9                     16-14                 6-9

Overall:           33-32

Consistently inconsistent. Or are we just mercurial, with a tasty dash of sulphur at times?

Bright side:   Based on the above, we ‘re due for a mini hot flash.


  • SeattleStu says:

    cant imagine why people dont support this team….hey chris perez, even you must have barfed watching the pirates & reds series….

  • Mary Jo says:

    They haven’t called it “The June Swoon” for decades for no reason. If they don’t stabilize they play and results over the next few weeks I’m afraid they won’t get consistently hot again until it no longer matters.