A few days ago I talked about the reported incident involving Joe Smith, a bar (ROADHOUSE!) and the Put-in-Bay authorities last weekend.  This time, Smith is making national headlines for an on-field incident in yesterday’s game with the Tigers.  It’s something that we noticed yesterday as well – in the 7th inning, Manny Acta came out to talk to Justin Masterson and the rest of the infield gathered at the mound.  It looked as if he might be pulling Masterson out of the game; the bullpen door opened and Joe Smith came jogging onto the field.

With two on and one out, Acta just wanted to make sure that Masterson had enough left in the tank to face Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.  We watched yesterday as Smith pulled a U-turn and raced back into the bullpen.  The video is even funnier, because you see Acta snap his head around to see Smith, only to shake his head in dismissal.  The story made the national sports site Deadspin, tagged as part of its “Lowlight reel.”  When Acta finally went to his bullpen, it was Vinnie Pestano that came in during the 8th inning, not Joe Smith.

The Smith video can be seen at this link.  Not the biggest blunder, but when you’re already having a “meh” week, it’s just one more thing to go wrong!

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