Sixty-eight days of fun and bliss
Sadly ends because of this
Two hits, no runs in Detroit
At the plate we weren’t adroit.
It seems like we can’t hit no more
And you can’t win if you don’t score

Fiddle with the lineup, fine
But now it’s time to realign
Bench the guys who don’t perform
Or send some back down to the farm
(Please don’t gripe and moan and kvetch
Because that last rhyme was a stretch.)

Small ball was the rallying cry
When we played under April sky
Now it seems with each at-bat
Our guys want to smash it flat

Chicks dig the long ball, so they say
But I’m a chick and that doesn’t play.
Give me base hit, base hit, then one more
That’s how you run up the score.

Just focus on the little things
And you might be the AL kings
If you wind up in the cellar
You’ll be haunted by the ghost of Feller
(If the paranormal you eschew
you probably wouldn’t share this view.)

Leaving first place is a bummer
When we’ve only reached mid-summer
No more to say but repeat the refrain:
“Please go out and win some games.”


  • Eric says:

    Having some fun despite the slide; I like it.

    Better yet, it looks like the Tribe listened to your last line =)

  • Susan Petrone says:

    @Eric: Thanks. Let’s hope they keep listening. :)

  • DebShattuck says:

    I’m with you, Susan–I’d much rather have a few well-placed bunts to move the runners than guys swinging (futility) for the fences on every at-bat.

  • cuff camlin says:

    I would agree homeruns happen by accident when guys are swinging the right way.But for a while the Tribe was trying to make champaign with Raisins.We had so many of our hitters injured or slumping that It seemed like Asdrubal was having to be a one man team.The rptation is solid but What do you do with guys like talbot when you have 3 starters in AAA that are ready now.Tomlin ,Masterson & Carrasco are excellent but Talbot & Carmona are dragging the team down.We know Carmona can be a star but How long do you wait with so many aces in AAA.

  • Susan Petrone says:

    @CuffCamlin: I agree with you on Carmona. I’m still holding out hope on Talbot. You know how sometimes you just like a player although you can’t explain why? Personally, I’m still waiting for Alex White to come off the DL.