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I think that the photo above pretty much sum’s up tonights game.

I must admit, I was particularly fired up for this game.  Before game time tonight I had my first post featured on ESPN Sweetspot (can be found here), and I was excited to watch the Tribe knock around Felix Doubront after my friend had been bragging about him all afternoon; however, my dreams did not come true tonight as the Indians were silenced by the Red Sox by a score of 4-1. In a game that featured only three Indians hits, there was not much to get excited about. In fact, I was so bored I dozed off at one point, which led to this exchange with my father:


Me: Zzzzzzzz…..

Dad: Woah, Lou got a double Brenden, can you believe it?!

Me: *Groggy* Lou? No way. Pigs must be flying.


And that was the highlight of my night. In all actuality, there is some things to mention from this game, so I will do my traditional “numbers” interpretation of what went down tonight.

1.) Well…at…Least…He…Walked?- Shelley Duncan came into this game in a 1-16 slump dating back to May 2nd, and again had a rough night by going 0-2 with a strikeout and a walk. During Duncan’s 1-18 slump he has “rolled” over on an outside pitch 5 times and struck out 6 times. With all do respect, each time I watch Shelley Duncan bat it gets more painful.

2.) McAllister comes out dealing- A bright spot for the Indians tonight has to be Zach McAllister. Despite giving up four runs, McAllister struck out 8 and looked like he had a clue what he was doing on mound. All 8 strikeouts came off of his fastball (7 swinging; 1 called). Check out the locations below for yourself:

Zach McAllister's strikeout locations in tonight's game. The average speed of all eight fastball's was 92.4 MPH.


3.) Sweet Lou’s Double- Lou Marson was not only the only Indian to have an extra base hit tonight, but also was the only Indian hitter to ¬†advance to second base. The double improved Marson’s batting average to .095 for the season, which is no longer the worst in baseball among players with at least twenty at-bats. The worst hitter in baseball now average wise? Former Indian Mark DeRosa at .081.

It may seem as if I am a bit pessimistic after tonight’s game, but it is because I am. The offense tonight was horrible to watch, and the loss dropped the Indians to 4-8 versus left-handed starters. After such a disappointing game, I do not have much to else to say. Let’s hope the Tribe bring it tomorrow in an effort to split the four game set.


Tomorrow: 1:35 P.M. start time

Indians 18-15 (Masterson 1-2) vs. Red Sox 14-19 (Bard 2-4)

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  • Mary Jo says:

    You need a caption contest for that pic. My entry would be “I’m sorry, but it looks like that squirrel left something behind in the basepath.” ;-)

    I’m hoping we get a solid win tomorrow. I live in MA and am surrounded by Red Sux and skankee fans. We’ve had luck against Bard before (plus: he’s right-handed); now all the guys need to do is give Masty some run support.