So I arrived at tonight’s game a few minutes late.  It was kind of overcast, but dry so I was pretty surprised to see the tarp on the field and the game in a rain delay.  Even though the brief rain storm came and went, the Indians would’ve been better served by just leaving the tarp on the field.

If for some reason you missed tonight’s game (you should count yourself lucky) let me explain my sentiments.  I have a pile of final exams to grade.  I found myself thinking, during multiple points of the game tonight, that I’d much rather be grading those finals.  I kept thinking, “You can leave and re-enter the park now, I could just run to my car and grab them.”  Basically a game I’d rather spend working, than watching.

I should have known it would be all Chicago from the start.  Even before the game, I felt like I was being bombarded by the White Sox and Peavy.  In fact, Peavy was just in front of me doing his long toss in the outfield right after they pulled the tarp off the field.


Shortly after the game started, Adam Dunn hit his 2-run home run off of Jeanmar Gomez.  It was obvious that early that Gomez just didn’t have it tonight.  The guy next to me managed to grab the Dunn homer on the ricochet…first ball he’d ever caught!

This game was so negative for the Tribe, the high point for me was literally when the guys behind me unveiled their gigantic sign:

"AJ Peersenskii (sic) shaves his legs & has a boy band hair cut. Konerko, you're cool.

It took a small army to support that sign for much of the game.  They even endured through the sporadic showers that popped up throughout the evening.

Even after Gomez’s disastrous fourth inning, he remained in the game.  At that point, what did it really matter?  It’s not like the Indians were really getting to Peavy and mounting a comeback, and it gave them a chance to preserve the bullpen.  Gomez could give up more runs just as easily as Dan Wheeler at that point.  The Indians showed a bit of life in the bottom of the seventh, but it was pretty much too little, too late at that point.  Not that I don’t believe in miraculous comebacks; it’s just when the offense looked as “blah” as it did tonight, I’m not necessarily getting my hopes up.

These are honestly my high points from the evening: I ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids, which are delicious.  I had a $1 beer before the game and got my dinner for free because the restaurant screwed up (I didn’t even complain, it was just a magical free dinner).  I snagged a Lonnie Chisenhall shirt on clearance at the team shop for $5.99.  You will notice that none of these have anything to do with tonight’s game.  I’d rather just forget that happened.


  • kevin says:

    I can dig the free dinner, but out of curiosity how good was the $1 beer?

  • Jeremy says:

    Great article Stephanie. I couldn’t agree anymore. I accidentally fell asleep during the bottom of the 1st on the couch. The first! I never do that, but it’s been a long week. Anyways, I wake up and its the 9th inning and I see the score but decide to stick around and watch the “highlights.” I think I shut off the recap halfway through! Just an ugly game for the Indians, you’ll have those. Lets hope we can continue boston’s sorrows and get back on track.

  • Susan Petrone says:

    I want to go on record as saying this is the best post you’ve ever written.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Kevin – It was Black Label. So not the most fantastic, but definitely good enough for $1!

    Jeremy – Thanks! I actually fell asleep during the first few innings of Tuesday’s game. Part because the offense was again kind of “blah” but also because it was just a long day and I was exhausted!

    Susan – HA! It was my mad awesome photo editing skills that really brought this one home. And by mad awesome, I mean typing some words onto a picture of Admiral Ackbar!