The game last night was fantastic. The Indians were kind enough to invite us into the Social Suite, which is reserved for bloggers, tweeters, and the like. We enjoyed the chance to live blog (via Facebook) during the game from someplace other than our respective living rooms. Carrasco pitched a fabulous game, and Asdrubal Cabrera was amazing, as usual.

But that was yesterday, and yesterday’s, well, you know the rest.

Today’s game was a tough 3-2 loss in 10 innings and 96-degree heat. Once again, they couldn’t put the hits together to score runs when they needed them. (For some reason, the Indians don’t seem to have good luck in the weekday afternoon games. This season, they’re 1-3 on that front. Insert your own businessman’s special joke here.) I’m trying not to panic as the Tribe embarks on a road trip that will take them to the Evil Empire, which lately seems to be doing well against everybody who isn’t Boston, and to Detroit, who is now only a game behind us. The Indians know they have problems that need to be fixed. They took some action today, bringing up infielder Cord Phelps from Columbus and sending Shelley Duncan down. They also moved pitcher Alex White from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL in order to make room for Phelps on the 40-man roster. Phelps is a 24-year-old switch hitter who’s been with the AAA Clippers all season where he hit .299 (63-211) with 31 runs scored, 15 doubles, 2 triples, 7HR and 40RBI (.391 OBP, .488 SLG) in 55 games.  He  has appeared in 28 games at shortstop, 12 at second base and 1 at third base and has hit .308 (44-143) with 7HR and 33RBI off of right-handed pitching and .319 (22-69) with 2HR and 32 RBI with RISP. In his major league debut, he went 0-4, but I’m willing to give him time.

At the risk of essentially putting my hands over my ears and singing La-La-La-La-I-Can’t-Hear-You, let’s end with the Indians 2011 June draft selections. I love the draft–not just in baseball, but in any sport. It’s a couple of days filled with hope and possibility and dreams of the future. Today was game 60. We still have a lot of season left.

ROUND 1                                              Francisco Lindor
SS; Montverde Academy HS; 5’11; 175; S/R; Born 11/14/93 (17);
Resides in Clermont, FL; Scout:  Soper.

ROUND 2                                              Dillon Howard
RHP; Searcy HS; 6’4; 210; R/R; Born 7/1/92 (18);
Resides in Searcy, AR; Scout:  Abney.

ROUND 3                                              Jake Sisco
RHP; Merced College; 6’3; 200; R/R; Born 12/9/91 (19);
Resides in Salida, CA; Scout:  Lyle.

ROUND 4                                              Jake Lowery
C; James Madison U; 6’0; 200; L/R; Born 7/21/90 (20);
Resides in Midlothian, VA; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 5                                              Will Roberts
RHP; U Virginia; 6’4; 205; L/R; Born 8/17/90 (20);
Resides in Richmond, VA; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 6                                              Bryson Myles
OF; Stephen F. Austin Col; 5’11; 230; L/R; Born 9/18/89 (21);
Resides in Grand Prairie, TX; Scout:  Cullen.

ROUND 7                                              Eric Haase
C; Divine Child HS; 5’10; 180; R/R; Born 12/18/92 (18);
Resides in Westland, MI; Scout:  Melendez.

ROUND 8                                              Stephen Tarpley
LHP; Gilbert HS; 6’1; 180; R/L; Born 2/17/93 (18);
Resides in Gilbert, AZ; Scout:  Ewing.

ROUND 9                                              Jordan Smith
3B; Saint Cloud State U; 6’4; 205; L/R; Born 7/5/90 (20);
Resides in Willmar, MN; Scout:  Pajari.

ROUND 10                                           Jeff Johnson
RHP; Cal Poly SLO; 6’0; 200; R/R; Born 2/9/90 (21);
Resides in Thousand Oaks, CA; Scout:  Sagisi.

ROUND 11                                           Luis Dejesus
RHP; Angelina Col; 6’2; 160; R/R; Born 12/16/91 (19);
Resides in Diboll, TX; Scout:  Allen.

ROUND 12                                           Grant Sides
RHP; Samford U; 6’4; 215; R/R; Born 6/22/89 (21);
Resides in Northport, AL; Scout:  Bartlett.

ROUND 13                                           Zach Macphee
INF; Arizona State U; 5’9; 175; S/R; Born 2/13/90 (21);
Resides in Tempe, AZ; Scout:  Ewing.

ROUND 14                                           Cody Anderson
RHP; Feather River Col; 6’4; 220; R/R; Born 9/14/90 (20);
Resides in Quincy, CA; Scout:  Lyle.

ROUND 15                                           Todd Hankins
2B; Seminole CC; 5’9; 175; R/R; Born 11/18/90 (20);
Resides in Oviedo, FL; Scout:  Soper.

ROUND 16                                           Ryan Merritt
LHP; McLennan CC; 6’0; 165; L/L; Born 2/21/92 (19);
Resides in Celina, TX; Scout:  Cullen.

ROUND 17                                           Kevin Brady
RHP; Clemson U; 6’3; 200; L/R; Born 9/7/90 (20);
Resides in Gaithersburg, MD; Scout:  Tyler.

ROUND 18                                           Shawn Armstrong
RHP; East Carolina U; 6’2; 210; R/R; Born 9/11/90 (20);
Resides in New Bern, NC; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 19                                           Shawn Morimando
LHP; Ocean Lakes HS; 5’11; 170; L/L; Born 11/20/92 (18);
Resides in Virginia Beach, VA; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 20                                           Dillon Peters
LHP; Cathedral HS; 5’11; 200; L/L; Born 8/31/92 (18);
Resides in Fishers, IN; Scout:  Melendez.

ROUND 21                                           Cody Elliott
OF; Ball State U; 6’0; 170; R/R; Born 4/26/90 (21);
Resides in Florence, KY; Scout:  Melendez.

ROUND 22                                           Matthew Reckling
RHP; Rice U; 6’4; 210; R/R; Born 3/24/89 (22);
Resides in Houston, TX; Scout:  Allen.

ROUND 23                                           Cody Allen
RHP; High Point U; 6’1; 210; R/R; Born 11/20/88 (22);
Resides in Orlando, FL; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 24                           Taylor Sparks
3B; St. John Bosco HS; 6’3; 205; R/R; Born 4/3/93 (18);
Resides in Long Beach, CA; Scout:  Smith.

ROUND 25                           Kevin Kramer
SS; Turlock HS; 6’1; 195; L/R; Born 10/3/93 (17);
Resides in Turlock, CA; Scout:  Lyle.

ROUND 26                           Austin Diemer
OF; Rocklin HS; 6’1; 180; R/R; Born 4/28/93 (18);
Resides in Rocklin, CA; Scout:  Lyle.

ROUND 27                           Evan Frazar
UTI; Galveston Col; 6’1; 195; R/R; Born 3/17/91 (20);
Resides in Bellaire, TX; Scout:  Allen.

ROUND 28                           Tyler Nurdin
LHP; Temple Col; 6’3; 200; R/L; Born 6/9/92 (18);
Resides in Rothschild, WI; Scout:  Cullen.

ROUND 29                           Jared Ruxer
RHP; Lawrence Central HS; 6’3; 190; R/R; Born 7/29/92 (18);
Resides in Indianapolis, IN; Scout:  Melendez.

ROUND 30                           John Polonius
SS; Genesee CC; 6’1; 160; R/R; Born 1/13/91 (20);
Resides in Willemstad, Curacao; Scout:  Urcheck.

ROUND 31                           Michael Roth
LHP; U South Carolina; 6’1; 190; L/L; Born 2/15/90 (21);
Resides in Greer, SC; Scout:  Tyler.

ROUND 32                           Cole Pitts
RHP; Colquitt County HS; 6’5; 215; R/R; Born 9/3/92 (18);
Resides in Moultrie, GA; Scout:  Tyler.

ROUND 33                           Jack Wagoner

RHP; Florida Gulf Coast U; 6’1; 203; R/R; Born 6/20/89 (21);

Resides in Lake George, NY; Scout:  Soper.

ROUND 34                           Tyler Maloof

RHP; U Georgia; 6’1; 190 L/R; Born 4/27/90 (21);

Resides in Winder, GA; Scout:  Tyler.

ROUND 35                           Mason Radeke

RHP; Cal Poly SLO; 6’1; 175; R/R; Born 6/13/90 (20);

Resides in Santa Barbara, CA; Scout:  Sagisi.

ROUND 36                           Abel Guerrero

LHP; Galveston Col; 6’1; 182; L/L; Born 12/28/91 (19);

Resides in Bronx, NY; Scout:  Allen.

ROUND 37                           Taylor Starr

RHP; Oregon State U; 6’3; 210; R/R; Born 5/31/89 (22);

Resides in Sandy, UT; Scout:  Uhey.

ROUND 38                           Yhoxian Medina

SS; Southeastern CC; 5’10; 170; R/R; Born 5/11/90 (21);

Resides in Caracas, Venezuela; Scout:  Abney.

ROUND 39                           John Barr

OF; U Virginia; 6’2; 200; R/R; Born 6/17/88 (22);

Resides in Juyland, PA; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 40                           Matt Eureste

SS; St. Pius X HS; 6’1; 175; L/R; Born 7/29/93 (17);

Resides in Houston, TX; Scout:  Allen.

ROUND 41                           Brian Ruiz

OF; Lincoln West HS; 6’3; 180; R/R; Born 9/11/92 (18);

Resides in Cleveland, OH; Scout:  Melendez.

ROUND 42                           Casey Serna

SS; U of Oregon; 6’0; 185; R/R; Born 10/15/89 (21);

Resides in Trabuco Canyon, CA; Scout:  Uhey.

ROUND 43                           Geoffrey Davenport

LHP; U Arkansas; 6’1; 180; L/L; Born 3/14/90 (21);

Resides in Fort Worth, TX; Scout:  Abney.

ROUND 44                           Adam Griffin

RHP; West Forsyth HS; 6’1; 190; R/R; Born 7/17/92 (18);

Resides in Clemmons, NC; Scout:  Mayer.

ROUND 45                           Will Jamison

OF; Evangelical Christian HS

Scout:  Bartlett.

ROUND 46                           Robert Nixon

RHP; Adelphi U; 6’1; 225; L/R; Born 11/1/88 (22);

Resides in Welland, Ontario, Canada; Scout:  Urcheck.

ROUND 47                           Cory Embree

OF; Moberly HS; 6’0; 180; R/R; Born 7/12/92 (18);

Resides in Moberly, MO; Scout:  Abney.

ROUND 48                           Blaine O’Brien

RHP; Keystone Col; 6’7; 180; R/R; Born 10/16/89 (21);

Resides in Scituate, MA; Scout:  Urcheck.

ROUND 49                           Brian Hansen

OF; St. Cloud State U; 6’3; 195; R/R; Born 11/16/89 (21);

Resides in Cold Spring, MN; Scout:  Pajari.

ROUND 50                           Tyler Baker

2B; Shawnee Hts. Sr. HS; 5’9; 165; L/R; Born 3/8/93 (18);

Resides in Topeka, KS; Scout:  Abney.



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