Situational Hitting– moving runners into scoring position and driving those runners in– is the lifeblood of any successful baseball team. How do the Indians stack up at this point (May 5) in the season?

A closer look at three situations: (1) runners in scoring position; (2) bases loaded; and (3) late game success (7th inning on).

Overall:      The Indians hit .246 as a team (17th MLB/8th AL) and have scored 111 runs (12th MLB/7th AL). The Tribe leads all of MLB in walks with 115 and is third best in fewest strikeouts (161).

Scoring Position                          Bases Loaded                   Late Game

Team                              .263/5/83                            .115/0/13                        .241/9/30


Damon                                   .500                                    .000
Hannahan                               .500                                   .500                                         .375
Kipnis                                    .391                                                   .000                          .265
Santana                                 .350                                                   .000                          .172


Cabrera                                   .273                                                  .000                          .240
Choo                                       .263                                       .250                                     .200
Hafner                                    .222                                                  .000                           .286


Brantley                                  .200                                                    .000                         .233
Duncan                                   .150                                                    .000                         .368
Kotchman                               .067                                                    .000                         .133


Bases Loaded.  The Indians are tied for 3rd overall in number of ABs with the bases loaded but rank 27th in average (3 for 26) and 18th in runs scored (13). Although they lead MLB in walks, they have zero with the bases loaded and are tied for 2nd in most Ks (8). Only Hannahan, Choo and Lopez have hits.

Scoring Position. The Indians rank 9th overall in average (5th AL) but only 18th in runs scored (tied 9th in AL with Baltimore). Hafner’s .222 is a surprise.

Late Game. The Tribe’s .241 average is 17th overall (8th AL) and their 32 runs scored rank 18th (9th AL). Santana’s .172 is the surprise here.

What can be said for Kotchman?

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