In a game dominated by Royal’s homers (4 in all; 2 by Billy Butler), the Tribe came out on the losing end by a score of 8-2. A quick recap of scoring in case you missed anything:

Top of the 1st- Billy Butler’s two run shot puts the Royals up 2-0

Top of the 5th- Eric Hosmer’s two run shot lengthens the deficit to 4-0

Bottom of the 6th- Travis Hafner’s fielder’s choice puts the tribe on the board, making it 4-1

Bottom of the 7th- Aaron Cunningham’s RBI single (Yes folks, you read that right) cuts the lead to 4-2

Top of the 9th- Alex Gordon connects for a three run home run, making it 7-2

Top of the 9th- Billy Butler’s solo shot, his second of the game, makes it 8-2


What TO NOT like:

1.) Ubaldo cannot find his control- Well, the Royals launching 2 home runs off of Jimenez was not very fun to watch, but just watching Ubaldo out there was painful enough by itself. Jimenez limped through 6 innings of work by throwing 113 pitches, and just did not look comfortable at any point on the mound. Control issues continue to trouble Jimenez, and I think it is somewhat worrisome considering he now has 4 starts under his belt.

2.) Butler haunts the tribe again- Okay, I will not go off tooting my own horn here, but in my earlier post today, I did mention that Butler is really an Indians killer. It seems as if he has gotten the best of the tribe yet again, now collecting a hit in 20 of his last 21 games versus the Indians. Somebody get this guy out!

3.) Asencio’s implosion- Sounds like a rollercoaster, doesn’t it? Anyway, Jairo Asencio came into the top of the 9th with the score relatively close at 4-2; however, 4 hits, and 2 home runs later, the game was out of reach and I was out of patience. I know IPL is a big believer in Nick Hagadone down in AAA, and after watching Asencio struggle again, I feel I am officially on the Hagadone bandwagon.

What TO like:

1.) 1 scoreless inning from Dan Wheeler, 1 RBI single from Aaron Cunningham- What? You mean to tell me BOTH of these guys contributed  in the SAME game? Who would have thought. Sarcasm aside, from a baseball fan standpoint it was nice to see Cunningham get a hit this evening. Despite watching virtually all of the tribe’s games this year, that was the first Cunningham hit I have witnessed (I typically get a drink of water, throw something away, just do something to get me away from the TV so I do not have to watch his at-bats for some reason). I feel like I should go play the lottery now or something. I also just wanted to point out Wheeler’s scoreless inning for Stephanie and Will’s sake! I bet in between every pitch Wheeler throws this year, he says something under his breath along the lines of “I am NOT Chad Durbin, I AM DAN WHEELER!”

2.) Rafael Perez walking on eggshells- Perez threw 16 pitches tonight in his one inning of relief. During his inning, he threw 12 balls compared to only 4 strikes, walked two batters, but yet somehow came out unharmed due to a double play ball. Bravo Raffy, Bravo.

3.) Carlos Santana: Now on base every day- Santana went 1-3 with a walk in tonight’s ballgame, meaning he now has reached base in each of the club’s first 16 games.

Also, due to losses by the other AL central teams, the Tribe remains in a tie for first with the Sox and Tigers!

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  • Will McIlroy says:

    Looks like there might be something physically wrong with RPerez. I saw one pitch clocked at 85, the rest were between 78-83.

    Congrats to Dan Wheeler. He escaped the dreaded Vanna Gown/Durbin’s Turban award for the night.

  • Mark says:

    After today’s (Thursday) losses by Tribe and Tigers, all of the AL Central teams have losing records at home. They are a combined 13-34! When is our next road trip? Our hitters don’t like Progressive Field (8 runs in 3 games against KC?)