I’m not exactly sure if tonight’s game with the Royals will turn into Fight Club, but if it does, Susan and I will be there to break rule #1.  We will be live blogging the game from the Social Suite at Progressive Field this evening, as Derek Lowe takes the mound against Jonathan Sanchez.  In addition to breaking some fingers, Sanchez is looking to break a few Indians fans’ hearts tonight by stopping the Royals’ 11-game losing streak.

I look forward to an exciting game.  Hopefully much more exciting than the one this Royals fan saw at Kaufmann Stadium over the weekend.


  • Shawn Gill says:

    Just found this blog yesterday. Just read it aou loud in the office and we are all just rolling here. Please keep up the good work and we will try not to touch ourselves.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! I should add, if you DO decide to touch yourselves, make sure there’s some kind of pattern to it. Try to keep it below the waist as well (if you strive to be like Francoeur).