Hold on, baby

June 2, 2011

I apologize. Around the 4th inning last night, when the Indians were up 12-0, I said to  my husband, “You know, I really don’t like blow-outs like this. I’d rather see a real game.” Apparently I jinxed the rout, because the Blue Jays launched an impressive attempt at a comeback, making the final score 13-9. I have to give the Blue Jays some credit for chipping away at such a huge lead. And I give the Indians even more credit for holding onto the lead for the win. It was great to see everybody in the lineup contributing again. Granted the 4 runs in the first inning came off of Toronto rookie Kyle Drabek, whom the Indians mauled in much the same way my puppy treats a pair of unattended shoes. Remove that first inning, and it’s a tie score. I don’t think the Indians can take anything for granted. The offensive explosions don’t always come when you need them. The starting pitching isn’t always there when you need it. This is an amazing season. Some would say there’s magic afoot. Some of us don’t know what to make of it. As we face the Rangers (thankfully at home) and some other tough teams (Yankees, Giants) away this month, I hope we can get continue to hold on.


The first update in the All-Star voting came out yesterday, and the Indians have several players among the top vote getters. The best news is that shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera is 2nd among AL shortstops with 672,105 votes, the most votes garnered by any Indians player. You know who’s in first place, right? The elephant in the living room who wears pinstripes, with 931,410.  Talk about getting elected on name recognition alone. Yes, yes, yes, I know, Derek Jeter is one of the all-time great shortstops. However, the All-Star voting is supposed to be for a player’s accomplishments this season. Right now, Cabrera is batting .306, with a slugging percentage of .534 and has 39 RBIs. Jeter is batting .264 with a slugging percentage of .332 and has 16 RBIs.  Cabrera is having a better season at the plate by far. Okay, what about fielding? Cabrera has a fielding percentage of .976 with 5 errors. Jeter has a fielding percentage of .984 with 3 errors. Jeter has a slight edge, but it’s awfully close. And Cabrera makes awesome plays like this. Get out the vote, ladies and gentlemen.
Here’s how the rest of the Indians players are doing so far in the All-Star voting.

2.            Asdrubal Cabrera             Indians                 672,105

4.            Travis Hafner                     Indians                 407,334

4.            Orlando Cabrera               Indians                 384,004

4.            Carlos Santana                  Indians                 395,892

8.            Grady Sizemore                Indians                 457,185
12.          Shin-Soo Choo                  Indians                 366,575


  • kenb321 says:

    Rafael Perez has had 2 bad outings in a row. Something doesn’t seem right with him when he pitches with a lead.

  • Susan Petrone says:

    @KenB: I checked Perez’s game log in baseball-reference.com (really, isn’t Sean Forman one of the greatest people ever?) and I’d say two of his last three outings were less than stellar. I see what you mean about him pitching poorly with a lead. He came in for an inning on May 22 against the Reds, we were ahead by 8. Perez gave up 1 hit, no runs. He’s had 5 appearances since then; in 2 of those, he came in with a lead and gave up 1 and 2 runs, respectively. I think it’s too soon to call it a pattern, and I sure hope doesn’t become one.

  • DebShattuck says:

    So it was your fault!

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