Another game, another brawl, another blown lead, another extra inning affair. Just another day at the ballpark for the 2012 Indians.

Choo’s temper
I’m not sure whether to start with the good or the bad, so let’s split the difference and start with the bizarre. We’re just eight games into the season and Shin-Soo Choo is currently on pace to start 40 (forty!) brawls. I’m guessing the commissioner’s office would step in before it got to that point, but at least he’s keeping it interesting out there.

While the brawls are somewhat humorous, I am a little concerned about Choo. While I can’t blame him for being upset after being hit by Jonathan Sanchez – the same pitcher who essentially ended Choo’s season last year – I can’t think of any possible reason why Sanchez would have it out for him. Choo’s issues early in 2011 seemed to stem from a confidence issue, which likely began with the DUI charge. The last thing we need this year is for Choo to wind up in a shaky mental state again.

Unfortunate streak continues
While it was somewhat out of his control, Jeanmar Gomez failed to complete 7 innings of work for his 21st consecutive start. In fact, the only start in which Gomez tossed seven innings was in his major league debut back in 2010. With two more such starts, Gomez will tie Robert Hernandez for the franchise record.

Strk Start
Roberto Hernandez
Jeanmar Gomez**
Jake Westbrook
Rich Hand
Jaret Wright
** stats through 20th game of streak

Gomez hasn’t necessarily pitched poorly during this streak, but it’d be nice to see him go deeper into games. As we saw in this game, this year’s version of the Bullpen Mafia may not be as lights out as the 2011 version. Any help they can get from the rotation, especially early in the season, would be much appreciated.

Asdrubal locked in
After a somewhat slow start, Asdrubal Cabrera has hit his stride. And it’s no coincidence that the Tribe offense has gotten going right when he catches fire. After a 3-5 night, it’s clear that you just can’t sneak a fastball by him right now. Cabrera is 7-17 with four extra-base hits against the heater so far.

Kotchman shows some power
Casey Kotchman went deep for the first time this season. He’s not known for his power, but it would be nice to get 10-15 home runs out of him.

And while I’d like to take this as an encouraging sign, especially since it was just his 4th home run off a left-handed pitcher since 2009, in reality it was a gift. Royals reliever Tim Collins grooved a 94-mile-per-hour fastball down the heart of the plate, and Kotchman planted it in the right-centerfield bleachers.

Go for the sweep
It’s only April, but it’s never too early to get excited about a three-game sweep in the home ballpark of a division rival. The Royals entered this season with hopes of competing with the Tribe for second place in the AL Central. A sweep would give the Indians a nice early leg up in the race.

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  • Rick says:

    My big thing about this game is why Gomez got tossed when he did. As far as I could see there hadn’t been a warning, so why the quick hook for Gomez and Acta?

  • medfest says:

    Choo has been hit 3 times in seven games and dusted in every game.I’m glad Gomez finally stuck up for his hitter,in fact Hosmer would be hitting the deck twice today if I was managing.
    The one criticism I have of Acta, as a manager, is he is way too passive when it comes to this “Inside Baseball” stuff.He should have been thrown out of the second game of the season over Hafner’s line drive hit that was called foul by perennial moron Tim Welke (I was at the game, our seats are in section 169 row J, and it was a chalk kicking fair ball!),if the manager won’t stick up for his team who will?
    Every time Choo gets dusted,two guys go down for the other team,it’s the only way it will stop.I don’t care if you have to carry two extra pitchers on the roster to cover up the ejections you can’t let people throw at your hitters.

  • Steve says:

    Acta said after the game that a warning was issued after Choo was hit, that’s why he was automatically tossed.