I went to today’s game as well, and managed to sunburn just my forehead and part of my scalp.  It’s not a good look…I don’t recommend it.

Anyway, I actually wrote about today’s game over at the SweetSpot, and rather than write again here (redundancy), I’ll just post the link to the story.  I tried to control my anger towards the offense.  Plus since it was less cold and miserable today, I feel less miserable this evening.

Tomorrow it’s Derek Lowe in his Indians debut, versus Joel Carreno.  Hopefully the Indians can salvage the finale before the White Sox come to town for three starting Monday.  Hopefully the offense performs in a manner than doesn’t make me want to strangle someone.  Hopefully Casey Kotchman finally gets a ball out of the infield.


  • Rick says:

    It’s a little scary watching the replays/highlights after listening to the radio broadcast(transplanted fan), and seeing how truly lost most of the lineup looks. You want to say that they’re going to turn it around and it’s a small sample size; but really the approach from some of the guys just doesn’t look all that great thus far.

    Sometimes I wonder what thing would look like if the Tribe had successfully landed Beltran, Pena, or one of their other offseason targets, or if Sizemore was healthy and productive…

  • andrew says:

    I agree the offense looks like a joke out there, besides Santana. I understand his approach is to be very patient at the plate and draw walks, but there is no one to hit him in. I would not mind seeing him a little more aggressive, at least until someone else shows that they can hit major league pitching.