Season schedules

April 4, 2012

Do you still carry an Indians season schedule in your wallet?  I do.

When I was a kid, I used to drive my parents crazy trying to track down the pocket schedules you’d see at the counters of beverage stores, service stations, and the like. Each year I’d get all excited when the schedules came out, and I’d try to lay in a supply of three or four of them, because I knew I’d lose them.

I wish I’d held on to some of those pocket schedules from my youth. They wouldn’t be worth a lot of money, but they’d bring back a lot of memories. A few years ago I found a 1972 Detroit Tigers pocket schedule which someone had used as a bookmark in a book they’d donated to the library which employs me. I sent it to my online buddy Bill Ferris, who used to run The Detroit Tigers Weblog, and he scanned it and wrote a blog post about it.  Back then a box seat at Tiger Stadium would set you back a cool $4!

Of course, these days you don’t need to carry a pocket schedule to learn when the next home stand is, or when the Indians go out to the west coast.  That information is readily available online or via smartphone.  I have a Droid, and I just downloaded the 2012 MLB schedule as a free app.  You can customize it to just display Indians games if you want.  The only thing I don’t like about this app is that they don’t update it when a makeup game is added to the schedule, but then again neither does your paper pocket schedule!

Or for 99 cents, you can get this Indians schedule for your Droid.   It lists the games by month, with a clear distinction between home and away games.  It purports to show the promotional calendar, too, but so far it just displays “Data not available yet.”   But it does have a one-touch scoreboard for all MLB games for the day, a one-touch link to the American League standings (which in turn is one touch away from the National League standings), and links to daily news about the Indians.  That’s worth a buck, no?

I’m sure there are similar apps for the iPhone as well.  Please feel free to suggest some in comments!


  • Mike H says:

    Thanks for the rec! just downloaded the schedule!

  • Kelly Shedlock says:

    I have a pocket schedule on my desk at work, in my purse and one in my car. Ya never know when you might need one! And I jsut got a Droid – never even thought to download one to my phone. Thanks for the suggestion! GO TRIBE! Less than 24 hrs until the first pitch. and I will be there!

  • Mary Jo says:

    I have a Droid too. (Sometimes it has a mind of its own; anyone else have problems with it acting up?) I actually have two free apps on it for sports/Tribe stuff. Yahoo’s Sportacular gives you the option for various sports; you get to select your favorite team in each sport too. I also have one called Dailystats by “Infinite Monkeys” that is Tribe-specific and it has a calender as one of the options.

    Re: paper schedules. We’ve been living in exile in MA since 2000. When we were back in OH to see our kids in the fall of 2006 my hubby very slyly picked up a 2007 schedule when we were bopping around the Indians Team shop in a mall. Wrapped it and gave it to me as one of my Christmas gifts and I loved it! Still have it in my bathroom medicine cabinet so I can see its cover every morning!

  • Mary Jo, if you send me your physical address, I will mail you a 2012 pocket schedule, free of charge.