The other day Stephanie wrote about the Lake Erie Captains and their plan to sell something they call the Moby Dick, which Stephanie accurately described as “half a lake’s worth of fried seafood on a roll.”

Not to be outdone, the Texas Rangers recently announced plans to offer up the Champion Dog, a one-pound, all-beef frankfurter laden with shredded cheese, chili, and sautéed onions.  What, no fries?  Don’t worry, fries are included as well.   I guess it’s OK to order something like this as long as you stick to a diet soda.

The Champion Dog, which I have already affectionately begun to think of as the Champeen, will set you back $26.  The Rangers say it is supposed to feed four people, but you know good and well there’ll be some people out there who will tackle it all by themselves, and some of those people might even succeed.

IPL promises to monitor this disturbing trend.  I wish it weren’t so, but I’m confident there’ll be another installment of Gluttony Watch 2012 soon.


  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    “Champeen” made me laugh out loud. A Texas-sized hot dog! (And I forgot about the stuff at the Aeros Park, as Steve mentioned below).

  • Steve says:

    Everything’s bigger in Texas!

  • medfest says:

    I’ve seen four people struggle to finish that giant hamburger they sell at the Western Michigan Whitecaps games,this looks to be in that class.