It is always a great feeling for the writers here to get the chance to interact with the readers. After all, it is you guys who keep us going, and encourage us to pursue enjoyable posts. So, in an attempt to promote further reader and writer interaction, I present you with the mailbag opportunity!

Since the season is quickly approaching, I and everyone else here at It’s Pronounced Lajaway want know what Cleveland Indians questions you have. The questions can be anything from “Do you think Player A is better than Player ?”, to “What is Manny Acta thinking about this decision?”. I will do my best to try to fit in as many questions in as possible, assuming of course we receive enough of them.

I only ask that they are Indians related, or at least have implications relating to them playing against divisional opponents. If you want to send me a question, please send to:

Humor is always appreciated, and I look forward to checking your questions out!

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