I took a ton of pictures at spring training this year (some much better than others).  I figured I’d share a sample of the decent ones.

First game – Cincinnati Reds vs. Oakland Athletics at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.  Athletics won, 6-3.

Manny Ramirez walks to the plate in his first at-bat of the day.



Manny at the plate; looks the same as he always has.


Second game – Indians vs. Angels at Tempe Diablo Stadium.  Angels won, 17-2.


Exterior of Tempe Diablo



David Huff lets loose.  You can be fairly certain this pitch was slammed hard to some part of the park.



Albert Pujols smacks an RBI hit to left.



This sign for “day drinking” had us laughing all afternoon.  We all could have used a day drink after watching the Indians.



Chris Seddon gets ready to let loose.  He was the best Indians pitcher of the day, but was basically facing Angels minor leaguers by this point.



The Rally Cows were unfortunately incapable of a rally during this game.



This was interesting – rickshaws lined up after the game.


Third game – Diamondbacks vs. Indians at Goodyear.  Indians won, 3-2.



Gregorio Petit and CC Lee sign autographs for people entering the park.



Charlie Nagy, Arizona pitching coach, on the field before the game.



Rally Cow, relaxing on the grass berm and enjoying the sun.



Cows, after the win.


Fourth game – Rangers vs. Indians at Goodyear.  Tie game 8-8.


Zizzy, the somewhat horrifying Goodyear mascot.



I couldn’t resist a photo with Zizzy.



Josh Tomlin lets one loose.  This was before he allowed all of the runs to score.



Yu Darvish set to pitch.



Texas fans jammed in above the third base dugout.



I have a bunch of these pictures.  My seat was situated perfectly in order to catch the batter and the on-deck hitter.  I believe this is Jack Hannahan at the plate, and Lou Marson on deck.



Jose Lopez at the plate.



The Ziz sculpture outside of the park.



Player development/minor league complex down the road.



That’s all for Goodyear until next year.


It’s always a bit sad to leave, because you just want to stay and keep going to baseball games every day.  However, the weather is actually nicer this weekend in Cleveland than Phoenix.  Plus Opening Day is less than three weeks away!


  • Mary Jo says:

    Should. Not. Read. When. Tired. I read the heading as “Spring Training Photo Dairy”! Guess I knew the Rally Cows were in some pics?

    I’m hoping that instead of a terrific spring training and then we fall flat when the season begins, what shapes up to being a rather poor spring training this year results in a break-out season for our team. Unfortunately our pitching is looking pretty suspect right now. Can’t wait for the real games to begin!

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    LOL! My friends only tried to disassociate themselves from me once during the cow photo extravaganza. Some drunk Angels fans seemed to get a kick out of it too.

    If you look, Oakland is currently on top in Cactus League action. So they’re either going to be much, much better than people anticipate this season, or things will even out once the season starts. Texas is in the basement with the Indians so far, but they’ve had some injuries too.