On America’s Top 40, the hits just keep on coming. Last night for the Indians, the hits just didn’t come. Justin Masterson pitched a very good game for the Indians, unfortunately Jake Peavy pitched a great game for the White Sox. For some reason, the White Sox have our number this year.

In looking at our match-ups with them (courtesy of the fantabulous baseball-reference.com),over the last five full seasons (2006-2010) we’ve played the White Sox 91 times, going 46-45 for a .505 record. Breaking it out for the last 5, 10, 15, and 20 full seasons, we always seem to play them a little under .500:
2006-2010 91        46       45     .505
2001-2010 186       87      99     .468
1996-2010 248     122     126    .492
1991-2010 309     149     160    .482

This year, we’ve played them 5 times for an abysmal 4-1 (.250) record. Historically, they aren’t that much better than we are. I’m not sure what it is that seems to be making the White Sox the Indians’ kryptonite this year, but we’re going to play these guys 14 more times this season, so I hope the Tribe figures it out soon.

Then again, over the last 20 full seasons, the Tribe’s best record against an AL team is against the Tampa Bay Rays (105 games, 67-38 for a .638 record). And they broke our home winning streak, so maybe we should ignore history this season and just enjoy the ride. The hits will come back.

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