I just learned that a bunch of MLB players posted their NCAA tournament brackets online; looking at all of them is a great way to waste a huge chunk of time.  ”Are you serious, you picked *them* to go to the elite 8?”  The only Indian that filled out a bracket is Frank Herrmann – he picked Missouri to knock off North Carolina in the title match.

Here are the other players that filled out brackets: Justin Upton (Arizona), Brian McCann (Atlanta), Andrew Miller (Boston), Bryan LaHair (Cubs), Max Scherzer (Detroit), Chris Johnson (Houston), Billy Butler (Kansas City), Tony Gwinn, Jr. (Dodgers), Logan Morrison (Miami), Glen Perkins (Minnesota), Jon Niese (Mets), Curtis Granderson (Yankees), Manny Burriss (San Francisco), David Freese (St. Louis), B.J. Upton (Tampa Bay), Matt Harrison (Texas), Todd Frazier (Cincinnati), Jason Giambi/Troy Tulowitzki (Colorado), Matt Thornton (White Sox), LaTroy Hawkins (Angels), Chris Narveson (Milwaukee), Ryan Zimmerman (Washington), Nate McLouth (Pittsburgh), and Casey Janssen (Toronto).

Now you can go look at all of their brackets and judge them harshly with the benefit of hindsight when they’re completely wrong!

Here are some of my random thoughts from these:

- They’re all sort of haphazardly written – teams crossed out here and there, fast/hastily written – except for Jon Niese.  His is the only bracket that is typed.

- Really Logan Morrison?  I know I make some dumb mistakes on my own bracket, but Kentucky is going to lose in the second round?  He obviously wanted to get most of the #1 seeds out of the way early.

- So many people picked Missouri to win the tournament.  Did I miss the boat on this one – I’m not *that* impressed by them?

- I have no idea what’s going on in Tony Gwinn Jr.’s bracket.  Kentucky and UNC are both written into the champion box, but UNC is circled.  Is that a final score he’s predicting there?  Come on gentlemen, people will want to read these…make them legible.

- Why did Giambi/Tulo have to fill out a ballot together?  That’s like spouses that share the same Facebook profile – who is the brains behind the operation here?

Looking at/analyzing these brackets is a way to easily waste a large chunk of time (or at least it was for me).  You’ve been warned!

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