I’m in Goodyear and ready to see the Indians square off with the Rangers. It seems that so far, Rangers fans outnumber Indians fans about 10-1.

For the second day in a row, they were playing Everybody Wang Chung tonight. A Goodyear tradition!

Someone commented on my Andre Thornton shirt. Yesterday I wore my shirt that says “We’re underway at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.” Only 2 guys seemed to get it.

I got my picture with Zizzy too. That was an exciting moment.

Big ovation for Yu Darvish as the Texas lineup was introduced to the theme music from Sanford and Son. Indians get “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd again.

One guy just threw out the first pitch (a strike) had a baby in a harness on the front of him. Then Chris Rose and Kevin Millar threw out first pitches.

Mid 1st – Nice, quick inning by Tomlin.

Texas fans around me are already annoying me. I know your team was in the World Series, but this particular game is not the World Series…it’s a Spring Training game.

Darvish is a little wild so far.

From my seat in the stands, I will play amateur umpire and say that Brantley was safe. It’s bright and I can’t see that far, but so what!

So my friend and I were just saying yesterday that no Indians even attempted to steal. They’re making up for that today.

Indians really helped Darvish that inning.

They’re trying to get our section to cheer for free pizza. I’m sorry, begging for a treat is something my dog does.

Top 2 – Crap! A better throw gets him at home…he was nowhere near the plate when he slid.

Bottom 2 – Awww, Happy Birthday to Shin-Soo Choo’s son Allan. He’s 7.

Nice 0-2 hit by Lopez. Looked completely fooled on the first 2 pitches.

All of the on-deck hitters have really tried to get a read on Darvish so far while they wait for their at-bat.

Top 3 – Guy behind me yells “you called that other guy out on that pitch.” (i.e. Fred Lewis).

Fred Lewis didn’t get to triple off the wall.

So the second time through the lineup for Gentry and Solarte, and Tomlin wasn’t fooling either of them.

Another one just hit square on the nose, but an awesome play by Lopez. So far, he’s making a big case to make the roster.

Oh Hannahan, I thought you had that one. Launched it.

Great throw by Choo; another solidly hit ball.

This game is becoming Tempe-esque. Shades of Sunday.

The sections above the Texas dugout are completely packed. When I was in line before the game to buy tickets, every single Rangers fan kept asking to sit as close to the team as possible…not even caring about what was the best seat. When I got up to the window I said, “I really, really, really have to pee. I will take whatever gets me into the park the fastest.” I’m right behind home plate though.

Sheesh. Almost threw that one away as well. The half inning is mercifully over.

Bottom 3 – Music to accompany the injury: Rockin’ Robin.

I feel like they could really get to Darvish if they were patient.

Well, a double play certainly is a rally killer.

Brantley was dancing off third in my peripheral vision. For a second I got excited and thought he was going to steal home. Hafner gave it a ride, but not quite enough on it. Near te deepest part of the park though.

Jeanmar Gomez takin over for Tomlin.

Top 4-
Haha, I just saw it pointed out that Tomlin pitched for the cycle last inning. Gave up single, double, triple and homer. He fooled absolutely nobody the second time through the lineup.

Tagged it, but fortunately still counts for an out. Scoreless inning for Gomez.

Bottom 4 – Uehara in now in for the Rangers.

Lewis smacked that so hard, it just didn’t have enough height to it.

Mid 5 – Another scoreless inning from Gomez.

Bottom 5 – Luis Martinez catching for the Rangers, Joe Beimel in to pitch. He used to pitch for the Pirates at one point, didn’t he? The sun kills my brain by the 3rd.

Most fans sticking around. I half expected a mass exodus after Darvish was done for the day.

Adventures in poor depth perception: I stood up to try and catch the Hafner pop up.

I’m liking Lopez so far this spring. He’ll look just dreadful on a pitch, then he’ll single on the next one.

Bottom 7 – I took a break for beer an ice cream and it took waaaaay longer than I thought. Probably shouldn’t have walked all the way out to the microbrew truck near left field.

Gregorio Petit in again today. Another nice single.

I’m kind of tired of seeing Spilborghs…especially when he does crap like ground into a double play.

I’m also kind of burned out on LaRoche from his days with the Pirates.

Top 8 – Jeanmar Gomes has yet to allow an earned run this spring.

Ooooo, the Texas fans around me did not like that scene very much.

Bottom 8 – Blink, and you miss that half inning.

That sounds fun – Reds split squad doubleheader at Goodyear tomorrow.

Top 9 – Nice. They’re playing The Final Countdown. CC Lee in to try and close this one out.

Great grab by LaRoche. Runner advances to scoring position, but at least you get one.

I was thinking that I’d like to see the game extended a little…

In case of a tie, they usually play at least the 10th inning. They didn’t on Opening Day though.

And my annoyance with Texas fans is in midseason form for opponent annoyance.

Bottom 9 – Ron Washington: Playing to win (or tie).

Nobody up in Indians pen. I think this will end after 9 regardless.

The players even seem confused about whether or not there’s a 10th. They’re going to play one more though. Hector Ambriz in for the Tribe. Spent time in the bullpen in 2010, but had Tommy John surgery.

Top 10 – Ron Washington wants to Spring Train his management skills with a bunt; Acta counters with an intentional walk.

Awesome play by Petit to keep the score intact. Worst case scenario, it ends a tie…Tribe can’t lose.

Another weak at-bat from Carrera.

And it’s an 8-8 tie…everyone’s a winner!

As much as I’d love to stick around and watch a few more days of baseball, unfortunately I do not have unlimited funds and free time. Plus I keep getting a series of progressively more insane e-mails from my husband. I need to get back to Cleveland and intervene in whatever the heck is going on there.

Opening Day will be here before we know it!