In Goodyear, parked on the grass and ready for some baseball! I swear it’s even hotter than yesterday. I guess I could check the temperature, but I’d rather just complain about it.

Ubaldo is doing his long toss right in front of me. I have nothing insightful to say about that, except that he does it better than me.

Indians lineup introduced to the tune of “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd. Is there supposed to be meaning/a message behind that?

Indians take the field, I’m pretty much the only one that claps. The lawn is pretty full of D-Backs fans.

Bless the woman sitting next to me that gave me sun block. I’ve remembered it for exactly 0 springs now.

Top 1 – Are we seriously having a full infield meeting at the mound 2 batters into the game?

There’s a spot on the scoreboard for pitch speed, but they’ve yet to put anything up there.

Yet another fly ball, but it’s an out. This inning was pretty much better than almost every inning yesterday.

Bottom 1 – That’s my boy! Way to run it out Santana.

I just heard the Arizona bullpen phone ring. I couldn’t quite see who was hurt, but I’m guessing it was Saunders.

Joe Martinez is in to pitch for the Diamondbacks. One of the guys that led the Clippers to their national title last year.

Nice way to take advantage of the error.

Kind of a rough play to make anyway, but the D-Backs seem a little loose with their throws today.

I’m not kidding, the scoreboard is mooing.

Fielding, Spring Training style.

Aaron Cunningham, making me less impressed by the day.

Top 2 – Maybe it’s just my vantage point, but it looks like Jimenez is all over the place.

Bottom 2 – Jason Donald is the only player that doesn’t get a picture for the scoreboard. Even Russ Canzler gets a picture on the scoreboard.

Top 3 – This is easily the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in Goodyear. And I’ve seen the Diamondbacks here before, so it’s not just because of the local crowd.

Arizona bullpen phone ringing again.

Bottom 3 – Chisenhall just looks enraged in his scoreboard photo.

More Italian Ice ended up on my clothes than in my mouth. It’s all over my phone too. I’m a huge slob.

The guy in front of me is engaged in a lengthy conversation about restaurants with the Arizona bullpen catcher. Just yelling into the bullpen for half an inning.

Top 4 – Joe Smith’s in.

Lot of fly balls from Jimenez, but a pretty solid outing outside of that trouble in the first.

I honestly thought that was out of here. I have extremely poor depth perception.

Bottom 4 – I am sweating like the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona. I need out of the sun.

After yesterday, I’ll take a freebie.

Canzler already had one grand slam in an intra squad game…

Nevermind, he’ll just strike out instead.

They just had a bizarre pepper race (????) The one pepper lost because he stopped to Tebow.

Top 5 – Vinnie Pestano in, Cord Phelps in.

Bottom 5 – So I went to buy a hat because my head is boiling. The counter at the souvenir stand is made of black metal…the woman had to warn me to be careful when signing my receipt. That somehow seems like a poor design choice.

Top 6 – The announcement of Dan Wheeler pitching gives me the same sense of dread as when Chad Durbin would enter a game.

Nice running catch into the gap by Cunningham.

That was much less awful than I anticipated.

Bottom 6 – I’ve been less than impressed by Carrera so far this spring.

Top 7 – Hagadone in to pitch, Jose Lopez at 1B, Gregorio Petit (I hope I spelled that right) in the game now.

Petit and CC Lee were signing autographs before the game, but you needed a ticket. I guess you had to come in a certain gate at a certain time to get tickets. No autographs for us.

Hagadone looked sharp…quick inning.

Bottom 7 – Jensen Lewis is in to pitch! I miss Jensen Lewis.

Nice inning by Lewis. Pagnozzi, Duncan, Lopez…1,2,3.

Top 8 – Huffman and Crowe now in the game.

Hagadone escapes trouble.

They just introduced a 93-year-old fan that was present during Bob Feller’s second game.

If someone tells me this is a dry heat, I’ll slap them. I can’t believe it’s only March.

Holy cow…they won! I was calling an Arizona tying run, ending in a final tie.


  • Steve says:

    Are you officially worried about Jiminez yet? Anyone else keeping you up at night?

    Speaking of sweaty Heredia, I saw him after a game July 4th 2010, it was about 92 out and after the game he was wearing wool suit carrying 2 bottles of water! It was the day he was added to the all star roster and he was the only person on the whole team to sign in the lot after the game. Man was he sweating!!!!

  • Steve says:

    Also, my iPad corrects your name as Stephanie luscious, just do you know.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I’m actually quite worried about the amount of fly balls from Jimenez, plus the D-Backs seemed to be tagging the ball pretty good. He could’ve just been trying something new/working on a tune up though. Carrera has looked pretty bad so far, but he’s got time to turn it around. Pitching was pretty solid today though.

    That Carmona story is pretty funny! I probably could’ve given him a run for his money today.

    And that Stephanie luscious bit cracks me up! It sounds like a stripper’s name. I guess if I ever need a good pen name…

  • jigboy says:

    Great breakdown, thanks!!! Hopefully Ubie is just getting his feel back. He should be fine if he’s healthy.

  • Steve says:

    I’m not very high on Carerra anyway, he’s fast but doesn’t it seem like EVERY fly ball fools him a bit at first? I can’t remember an outfielder getting a worse break on the ball off the bat before. He just never seems to know where the ball is going to go. I really don’t even expect him to be a 4th outfielder at the big league level right now.

    I’m also very happy to see Shelley continue to tear it up, I remember him saying Thome helped him a ton last year. Maybe he made some career changing adjustments?