It’s sunny, it’s warm, Tempe Diablo Stadium is packed…let’s watch some baseball! (This is also my 200th post on IPL…I feel like that’s some kind of milestone.

Mid 1st – Sharp defense by the Angels. After the sloppy display by the Reds and Athletics yesterday, it looks even more impressive!

Bottom 1 – Aybar and Kendrick just smacked those balls. Heads up running from Kendrick.

Yeah…you probably needed to get at least one out there guys.

I’m not sure if this inning will ever end. Bright spot: if Huff hits his pitch count we won’t have to see him again today.

Bottom 2 – 2nd inning, just like the first so far. Angels batted around in the 1st.

Top 3 – That was nice of Hannahan to hit the ball right to first so nobody had to exert themselves making an out.

Mike Sarbaugh coaching third today.

I thought Carrera would get a double out of that. Gave it a ride, at least.

End of 3 – I have extremely bad depth perception and thought that Cantu foul was gone. At least Huff had a scoreless inning.

Top 4 – Wow, Hafner clobbered that. Deepest part of the park at 420.

I feel like baseball season has officially started…Matt LaPorta let go of the bat while swinging.

LaPorta hung onto it that time…nice single.

Ouch…Fred Lewis gets nailed. Bases loaded, at least!

I was just thinking “watch Hannahan hit into a double play.” At least the Angels only got one out.

Now would be a nice time for Carrera to give one a ride.

Bottom 4 – At least the Indians are on the board now. My friend and I were trying to determine if Chris Ray was the pitcher with the completely flat, straight fast ball…his pitches appear to have some movement though.

Heads up play by Lewis trying to double him off 1st.

I snapped a picture at exactly the moment Pujols slapped that RBI single to left.

Great play by Hannahan!

My friend (a Yankees fan) said that this is the Chris Ray she remembers.

Mid 5th – Took a break to walk around and get out of the sun, get more water…didn’t miss much!

Bottom 5 – Let’s hope Danny Salazar does better than Huff and Ray. The bar is set pretty low at this point!

For a brief moment, the scoreboard said 19-2. It’s bad, but not that bad!

Top 6 – The Indians really need to cut this crap out. It’s too hot for me to expend energy counting this high.

Mid 6 – #91 is pitching for the Indians. We can’t even did him on the roster sheet.

I texted my dad to ask if he saw who was pitching on TV. His response: Price? To which I responded “OMG DAVID PRICE?! Why is he pitching right handed?

They shouldn’t have corrected the scoreboard when they accidentally had the 19 up. The Angels will be there soon enough.

Over/under on how many runs Seddon will give up? I’m going with 1 since there’s 2 outs.

I was thinking “oops, there’s Seddon’s run.” but the guy next to me pointed out that it was charged to 91. Technically no runs charged to Seddon (yet.)

End of 6 – we can’t stop laughing at the sign on the wall for “Dos Gringos – A good place to day drink.” After watching the Indians this afternoon, I’m about ready to get my day drink on.

My one friend just pointed out that as an Indians fan, we’re always looking for the next Casey Blake. Damn, that’s depressing.

Bottom 7 – I see that the game in Surprise is over, and the outcome wasn’t much better. 3 errors (so far) in this game, 4 errors in the other game. Get it out of your system now, gentlemen.

End of 7th – Chris Seddon, your ace of the day.

My friend made a great point – with a little pitching, the Indians could be winning 2-0.

Mid 8th – Spilborghs and LaPorta still in the game.

End of 8 – Chris Seddon – still your ace of the day.

We’re mapping out how the 15 run comeback in the top of the 9th is going to play out.

Top of 9 – This is where Matt LaPorta hits the first of the three home runs this inning.

Or strikes out. Either/or.

We’re pretty sure the bat boy is pitching now for the Angels.

Oddly enough, only Indians fans are left at Tempe Diablo. It just proves that we’re masochists.

There is a small toddler in front of us in an Indians shirt. We think he should’ve had an opportunity to pitch in place of Chris Ray.

Trevor Crowe is on 3rd right in front of us. He wouldn’t listen to our heckles to steal home.

My bar is set so low, I’d just like to see the final score 17-3 at this point.

Carrera is still in there too.

11 more base runners and we’re back in this.

It’s mercifully over. And while there were many losers today, David Huff is the official one.