Are you kind of tired of hearing about the same exact things every year during Spring Training?  Here are instructions to making your own fun Spring Training bingo game to play at home starting next week.  If you’re going to hear the same tired storylines/cliches, you might as well have fun with it!

First, make a grid on a piece of paper.  Let’s say make it five squares across, five squares down with a free space in the middle.  That means you have 24 spaces to fill.

In any random order, put these phrases/actions/concepts in the 24 spaces:

1. “He’s really slimmed down this off-season.”

2. “He’s in the best shape of his life.”

3. “It’s a tricky sky in Arizona and/or Florida.  It’s easy to lose the ball up there.”

4. “(Any comment about Josh Hamilton, addiction, and a new contract.)”

5. (A player gets arrested, or gets a DUI.)

6. “(Any comment about the Boston Red Sox, fried chicken, and the forceful management style of Bobby Valentine.)”

7. “(Any comment about how the NL Central is that much easier due to the loss of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder.)”

8. “Ozzie Guillen says something insane.”

9. “He’s already in mid-season form.”

10. “He benefited from a new workout regiment this off-season.”

11. (Major Leaguer tests positive for PEDs.)

12. (Minor Leaguer tests positive for PEDs.)

13. “Grady Sizemore’s knees feel great.”

14. (Any comment about Miguel Cabrera playing third base.)

15. (A snide remark about how the weather is cold at home, but so nice here.)  <—-  You can probably count on me for one of those

16. (Trade speculation with the Angels, since they have a surplus at certain positions.)

17. “He’s seeing the ball really well.”

18. “Such and such came to camp early because he means business.”

19. “Story about how opening day pitcher is honored to be opening day pitcher.”

20. “Minor leaguer/rookie really hopes to leave an impression this spring.”

21. (Comments about Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes co-existing)

22. (Matt LaPorta accidentally lets go of the bat while swinging, it flies into the stands.)  <—- I swear it happens more than you think.

23. (High praise claiming that the Goodyear facility is wonderful and “state of the art.”)

24. (Anything about golf.)

Every time you see or hear one of these phrases uttered/take place during Spring Training, cover the square.


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