Marquis Heilig of The Ray Area blog asked us if we’d like to do a joint preview of the upcoming Indians-Rays series. We talked about it, and it turns out there are a lot of nervous fans out there on both sides. The SweetSpot has declared the Indians-Rays series the match-up of the week. What’s a fan to do–talk trash or take a cold shot of reality? We opted for the latter. Thus, herewith, reasons why my team will lose:

1) While Cleveland fans were whining because our guys lost the first two games of the season, the Rays lost the first six (six!) games of the season. They now hold a 20-14 record and are on a hotter upswing than the Tribe. Put it this way: If  you regard the first six games of the season as an anomaly and ignore them, Rays are playing .714 ball since their first win. If you regard our first two losses as anomalies and ignore them, the Tribe is playing .709 ball since their first win. Their hot streak is hotter.

2) The Rays have won their last eight on the road. The Indians have won their last 13 at home. The Law of Averages would seem to be with the Rays.

3) The Rays win the Pretty Boy Death Match.

Here’s hoping I have some fingernails left before tonight’s game.

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