Even though spring training has just kicked off, we are only six weeks from the Indians’ season opener in Oakland. The journey towards the conquest of the AL Central crown is so close, that it feels like we’ll just wake up tomorrow and it’ll be play ball across the land! (For the super-picky, the season actually begins on March 22 as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks play a doubleheader in Australia. Let’s hope and pray the Indians never get the idea to torture us with baseball before the crack of freakin’ dawn. We almost did that twenty times last year anyway with those ridiculous rain delays that they had to dole out sympathy vouchers for. Ugh.)

And lemme tell ya, the good folks at SportsTimeOhio know that that the Indians might be the only team in town that’s worth giving a hoot about. With the exception of five “TBD”-ed Saturday games (presumably FOX telecasts), it sure appears that all 162 contests will be on your telly. So what I’m basically saying is this: If Matt Underwood annoys you, it may behoove you to try to let him into your heart. You’re gonna hear a lot of him.

Not only is there the full regular season slate, but for us unlucky folk who don’t get to rub elbows with the guys in Goodyear, STO will also have a good number of spring training games to whet our appetite. And so we can be serenaded. Again. The first game’s on February 28!


  • Sean Porter says:

    I’m old enough to remember the days when you got 60 televised games on Channel 43 a year. I can still remember the night when lo and behold a new cable station – SportsChannel – started airing most of the other games, I stumbled upon it after coming home from one of my summer league games. (1990-91?)

    There is something to be said, though, about listening to baseball on the radio.

    • paul salyards says:

      I remember the days of Sports Channel too, I remember that during the day it was just showing stats and standings of baseball teams until a game came on. It was the old school graphics too, the ones that looked like it belonged on an Atari. But, yes the days of channel 43 with Mike Heagan and Jack Corrigan on my parents black and white tv in their room. Those were the good ole days, except the Tribe was horrible, but still watchable.

  • Steve T. says:

    TV is great for baseball, especially with the sound down and Hamilton doing the play-by-play on the radio. Although I heard about enough of Flo last year to almost ruin it.

  • patrick says:

    Underwood is the worst. Does he even know baseball?

  • Andy says:

    The only problem with turning the sound down while watching the game is the fact that the radio is a good 5 seconds or so ahead of the TV.
    Going back to SportsChannel, what ever happened to John Saunders?

    • Sean Porter says:

      According to Wikipedia, apparently nothing has happened to John Saunders. After the Indians let him go as an Indians TV announcer, he apparently stopped broadcasting. It appears the same thing happened to Jack Corrigan (who I always liked) too…

      I always got the feeling Rick Manning couldn’t stand Saunders. Saunders would make a comment or ask a question, and you could almost cut the contempt from Manning with a knife.

  • Chris Burnham says:

    Here’s the FOX Saturday schedule, courtesy of Awful Announcing. We can pretty much guess what time the TBD games are now.