Unfortunately, it’s not Masterson or Jimenez. Or Ervin Santana, for that matter. (That was just a mention for those who are pleading for the Indians to do something just to spite the circus that are the Clowns…er, Browns.)

The Indians picked up Kyle Davies, who spent last year in the Twins organization as he battled his way back from shoulder surgery. The former Brave and Royal is invited to spring-training and is another Scott Kazmir-like lottery ticket reformation project for Mickey Callaway to work his magic with.

He’s most likely just an arm to eat some innings in Goodyear, and will likely use the spring to showcase himself to somebody if it’s not the Tribe.

He has a 43-65 big league record with a 5.59 ERA in 144 starts and seven relief appearances in his career.


  • What a disgrace! They can’t sign their own pitcher,Jimenez and can’t sign Santana so they sign a Kyle Davies, a pitcher nobody wants coming off of shoulder surgery. This nonsense coming from the Indians front office would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    • The Doctor says:

      this is a typical “camp-arm to soak up spring training innings”, the type of move made by every club this time of year.

      this signing has absolutely no bearing on signing a guy they’ve already made clear they don’t want back (and who’s trying to bilk someone out of a contract on the basis of one good 1/2 year out of the last 3) or a homer prone, every-so-slightly above average guy who’s tied to draft pick compensation.

      • The Doctor says:

        i stand slightly corrected. the signing doesn’t include an invitation to spring training, so this is purely a minor league depth signing.

        but again, signing davies has nothing to do with signing (or not signing) ubaldo or ervin santana, 2 pitchers that it appears the vast majority of the other 29 mlb teams want nothing to do with, either.