Social media is the thing. Hashtags are a thing. And human error, no matter how well-meaning, is an eternal thing.

Now, it would not be terribly proper for me to criticize the marketing and university-learned skills of anyone involved with the Cleveland Indians, since I myself am nothing more than a paint-by-numbers and admitted hack of a writer that misses more punctuation errors and other general writer stuff that would likely cause my journalism teachers and professors to question their own existence. (See? Ridiculously long run-on sentence!)

But sometimes a little proofreading goes a long way. SportsTimeOhio sent this press-release out this morning:

Yes, we are on the Way to Opening Day. The hashtag itself probably could use some rethinking, though. Trolls don’t care about context. And if the Indians’ social media department wants to look like they know what they’re doing, that needs to be fixed pronto.

(UPDATE: As you’d probably would’ve figured they would, they cleaned off some of the egg on their face. Now we can get back to actual baseball.)