Per the usual, I write about one thing – like finding a cheap alternative to Drew Stubbs – and the team goes out and signs David Murphy, an expensive, albeit nice upgrade. The team zigged when I thought about zagging, pretty much the story of my life.

Anyway, with the additional of Murphy, who will be platooned with Ryan Raburn in right field, Stubbs is reportedly on the block. So, here are four potential deals I’m looking into if I’m Chris Atonetti. And, yes, it’s all for bullpen depth/help.

Vic Black (New York Mets) for Stubbs: Sure, the Mets just signed Curtis Granderson to a four-year, $60M deal, but is the club really content on having Eric Young Jr. as the top backup, especially if the rumors about dealing Lucas Duda/IkeDavis/Daniel Murphy prove to be true? Black, a hard-throwing right-hander, has some late-inning potential and could slide into the Cody Allen role last season.

Robbie Ross (Texas Rangers) for Stubbs: As it stands now, the Rangers have a rookie slotted in left field (Michael Choice) and another one as the fourth outfielder (Engel Beltre). Plus, they have a surplus of good relievers. My choice would be Tanner Scheppers, but it is doubtful Texas parts with him in a deal for Stubbs. Ross, though, is an above-average reliever.

Tom Wilhelmsen (Seattle Mariners) for Stubbs: A tremendous buy low candidate, Wilhelmsen sports a plus-fastball and was nearly lights out in 2011 and 2012.

Pedro Strop (Chicago Cubs) for Stubbs: Acquired in a deal with Baltimore, the Cubs are planning on running out Brian Boguusevic in left field. Strop’s a 0.5-win reliever with huge strikeout ability and some below-average control.


  • Don says:

    Indians need starting pitching and a hard-throwing control pitcher..Wilhemsen is best choice, but a second player will be required

  • Chris Burnham says:

    Wilhelmsen is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry intriguing. And with the way Seattle is playing fantasy baseball with real money right now, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they haven’t already.

    I like that idea more than Joaquin Benoit, anyway.

    • Cale says:

      Ehh, we already had Wilhelmsen and his name was Chirs Perez.

      Career numbers: K/9: Tom: 8.53, Chirs: 8.73 – BB/9: Tom: 3.95, Chris: 3.78 – ERA: Tom: 3.21, Chris: 3.41

      I will give Wilhelmsen that he doesn’t give up as many HR as Perez…but really, who does?

      I like Strop!

      • Chris Burnham says:

        Perez doesn’t have the pure stuff that Wilhelsen has. Three to four miles-per-hour buys a lot more margin for error.

  • medfest says:

    Cubs deal works for me.

    Mariners deal I’d rather have Furbush….Nope not going there.

    Mets I don’t see wanting him,they’ve got Young and Lingares.

    Marlins just traded Ruggiano so he fits there….Mike Dunn maybe?

    If the Blue Jays trade Rasmus he’d be great fit there(platoon with Gose,Bautista’s caddy) for
    McGowan or Loup.

    Rockies could use him for Ottavino.

  • Ashton says:

    I like the Cubs as a trading partner… HOWEVER… I think the Indians should package Stubbs and maybe someone like Paulino in exchange for Samardzija. Use your minor league depth to fix a hole in your rotation.

    • Sean Porter says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion that it would take a lot more than Stubbs and Paulino (or a minor leaguer of his ilk) to get Samardzija from the Cubbies.

  • Ty Beatty says:

    Now that Axford has been signed and Marcum is in the fold as the bounce-back potential non-roster starter (I actually think we’re in good shape with Tomlin, Carrasco, Bauer, and Marcum vying for that last rotation spot), I’m betting Stubbs goes to somebody for a lefty reliever to compete with Rzepczynski and Hagadone. I doubt they get a guy who’s guaranteed to earn a spot, but somebody viable is likely. I’d look at Colorado, who has shown they have some money to spend and will likely need a late-innings defensive replacement for Cuddyer and would certainly like a pinch-runner and double-switch candidate. Josh Outman — who the Indians showed a lot of interest in at the deadline last season — makes sense. I’d love Rex Brothers, but that isn’t happening. Outman and a mid-level prospect makes sense. Might be considered a small return, but it’s really surplus OF for surplus lefty reliever plus the Tribe takes a guy in the 8-20 range of the Rockies top prospects.

  • The Doctor says:

    getting rid of Stubbs is addition by subtraction. the man is a lineup fungus. that being said, i figure we’d get more than a amazingly mediocre reliever who might not even make the team.

    now if only we could swindle someone into taking bourn off our hands…

  • Swift says:

    Outman is a great name for a pitcher. Hopefully, he’ll live up to his name.

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