The Baseball Winter Meetings start today. Given the bubble market this year, the Indians probably won’t be signing any free agent contracts, although a trade for an extra pitcher or two would be nice. I attended the Winter Meetings in 2009 and 2010. If you’re curious about what goes on during the meetings, I wrote more in-depth about it a couple years back.

And if you just want to be silly while you wait to hear if the Indians make any moves over the next few days, you can sing this.

Cellphones ring, are you listening?
On TV, teeth are glistening.
It’s really keen, to see and be seen
Walking in the Winter Meetings lobby.

Gone away, the non-tendered
Your contracts surrendered.
We’ll make a few deals
Over a meal
Walking in the Winter Meetings lobby.

In the bathroom we saw Brian Cashman
Antonetti walked in there
He asked “How ’bout Kipnis?”
Chris said, “No, man.
Don’t bother me when I’m in the loo.”

Later on, we’ll conspire
A big bat to acquire
We’re flush with cash
From TV contracts
Walking in the Winter Meetings lobby.



  • Chris Burnham says:

    If Kipnis went to the Yankees, I’m pretty sure I’d be widowed. :-(

  • D.P. Roberts says:

    Speaking of silliness and trade rumors…

    With the Indians signing Murphy and Cooper to MLB contracts, I can’t help but notice that the Indians are overstocked at first base & right field – a position currently being held by the high-salaried Nick Swisher. Could Swisher be trade bait at this point?