More New Uniforms

November 25, 2011

Is it just me, or do the Indians introduce a few new uniform styles every off-season?  Typically, I can at least tell the difference – for example, when they switched to the retro-style uniforms with the block “Indians” and “Cleveland” (for away games) on the front.

When I saw the story about the new uniforms for 2012, I felt like I was playing one of those games where I try to find the differences between two photos.  Are these supposed to be different and new?  Is it just that the “piping” is removed?  Am I the only one not seeing a noticeable difference here?  I thought maybe the hat was different, but nope…that looks the same too.

I know that teams mix up their uniforms every so often in order to sell more jerseys, retro-style jerseys, etc. to fans.  Who in their right mind would say “well, I have that jersey with the piping, so now I’d better run out and spend $100 on this version”?

So anyway, the cream and gray retro-style ones I mentioned will also stay around for next year, and they’ll also wear these uniforms.  I know that your Black Friday was incomplete without this information.