You would probably be better served to place this in the “Very Long Shot But Stranger Things Have Happened” file, but for what it’s worth, former GM-turned-analyst Jim Bowden believes that there is at least a chance that the Indians may try to pull the trigger on a mega-deal for the former Cy Young winner.

This would also make our own Adam Hintz somewhat of a baseball prophet.

In Bowden’s latest ESPN Insider-only column, he lays out this suggestion in all of its unlikely plausibility:

Consider the Indians a sleeper in the Price sweepstakes. While most people doubt they can become real players for Price, manager Terry Francona might be able to convince the front office with Price and Justin Masterson at the top of the rotation they have a legitimate shot of getting back to the postseason and perhaps the World Series.

Francisco Lindor would provide the Rays a long-term answer at shortstop. Yunel Escobar could serve as a good stopgap, giving Lindor plenty of time to develop properly in the minors. Danny Salazar has a chance to be an impact top-of-the-rotation starter if they can’t get Lindor. Salazar would be under Rays’ control.

Rays’ trade targets
Primary: Danny Salazar, Francisco Lindor, Dorssys Paulino
Secondary: Joseph Wendle, Cody Anderson,
Throw-ins: Yan Gomes, Jose Ramirez

So, yeah, there’s a lot of apprehension being created here unless the Indians are looking to push their chips to the middle of the table to to not only overtake the Tigers, but to go all out for a shot at the World Series. If the Indians as an organization are convinced that Price is worth the risk to take, then they have to pull the trigger. But is the short-term gain worth the long-range view? If the Indians strip their farm system bare for one shot at a title, then they better get it done this year. Price’s price to sign long-term would make Swisher’s and Bourn’s “Big Money Deals” collectively look like the spare change we keep in piggy banks. It seems inconceivable that the Indians would even be able to meet Price’s price even at the halfway point due to all the factors involved.

The Rays wouldn’t put a guy like this on the block if they were able to afford him. They have the similar constraints that the Indians have dealt with. And wherever Price goes, the Rays are going to make out like fortuitous bandits with an unbelievable treasure trove in return. Personally, I’m just not sure that the Indians are in a safe enough position to take that kind of a risk yet.

Granted, the Indians are more of a darkhorse candidate in Bowden’s mind rather than the fruntrunners. He has the Dodgers and Rangers ahead of the Indians with the Cardinals, Braves and Royals (ugh…) on the lower end of destinations. The chances of Price even being thought of as a possibility seems unlikely. But if Bowden has an ear to the ground, it could mean the Indians are headed in a franchise-altering direction, for better or for worse.

But the bottom line is this: If the Tribe splurges for a new ace they must make it count. Because Price’s stay will likely be short.



  • DG says:

    Salazar or Lindor for one year of David Price? I want some of whatever Bowden’s smoking.

    • Chris Burnham says:

      Pretty much. The only way it makes sense is if he signs an extension and the odds are far smaller than the trade itself.

  • Gvl Steve says:


  • Mike says:

    I used to read bowdens articles on espn. Then I stopped reading because of how stupid and sensless they were. Now I read them for comedic relief. Id LOVE for the tribe to land price. But not for the price of stripping our rather barren farm system. And if by somr miracle we got him without giving up lindor or salazar theres no freaking way we could afford to sign him long term. Im with dg, what the hell is he smoking?

  • bill says:

    it would be two years of price correct?

    • DG says:

      Somehow all this time I thought it was one year, but you’re right. Still, his last 2 arbitration years will be expensive, and Salazar and Lindor are under team control for much longer. I agree with Chris, I think there has to be an extension for this to make sense.

      • Chris Burnham says:

        This. Two years (and no options, by the looks of it) still makes this potential deal a shorter stay considering what the Indians would be giving up, if that makes sense.

        Giving up that much for Price is a “go-for-it” move. And while I believe the Indians are ahead of schedule in terms of being contenders for the long term, I don’t know if they’re close enough to justify it. If they were to go ahead and do it, they have a two-year window to make the noise. And we still don’t know if that would be enough to satisfy Tampa, anyway.

        • DG says:

          Yeah I’m thinking that just one top prospect won’t be enough for TB. Just look at what they got for Shields. They probably want more for Price.

  • Sean Porter says:

    Salazar has the stuff and potential to become a David Price, and Lindor is shaping up to be the face of the team for the rest of the decade.

    Plus the payroll is probably nearly tapped out after filling some bullpen holes, etc… I can’t see this happening, but then again, I never thought they’d pull the trigger on Ubaldo a few years ago, or sign Swisher and Bourn.

  • Steven W says:

    Yan Gomes a throw in? Really?

    • Justus C says:

      I would hate to see Gomes go just as much as Lindor or Salazar. That’s really three potential all stars for one. Gomes should be the everyday catcher for years to come and with Salazar and Lindor you are taking a catcher, pitcher,and a shortstop right out of the middle of the field. Two positions and a starter for two years of Price is not worth it. I loved the fact that 18 of 25 starters were from the Cardinals farm system. That is the plan that Cleveland needs to follow or they’ll get stuck with a couple of older overpriced players and huge holes everywhere else. (Mets,Seattle, etc.)

  • mondo dentro says:

    Please dear god no.

    • Jake Udell says:

      I would think of yan gomes as a primary and at worst a secondary trade target as the rays clearly need a catcher, I’d give up Yan Gomes and wendle, and jose ramirez and naquin for price anyday of the week

      • medfest says:

        Unfortunately you would have to LSD in the water supply at the Rays offices to get them to make that trade.

  • medfest says:

    That Bowden was a GM of a MLB franchise is one those things that all you can say about it is WTF.

  • Ed Pope says:

    I’m sorry, what’s Price done that makes him such a sure thing. What’s to say he doesn’t sit back and be careful this year and whomever gets him, gets a stiff for one year. No thanks. You pillaged KC last year. Go see if they’re that stupid again.

  • JimM. says:

    NO NO NO NO NO FUCK NO. And we’re absolutely in no way, shape, or form in that “one move away from a world series frontrunner” status that would make this an, at best, marginally good idea.

    Lindor AND Salazar, no effing way. Salazar’s ceiling is way too high and we need to have our best prospect come up next year so we can move on from a past-his-prime Asdrubal.

    YAN-NAH! as a throw in? Who is this hack. World class defensive catcher (shades of early Yadi Molina) who has the potential to round into a consistent offensive threat. All you have to do is look at the times of his throws to 2nd to know you got something special.

  • Xavery says:

    I would much rather send Asdrubal than Lindor in this deal. I expect this trade to happen as much as seeing Jeb Bush run for president. Salazar could become just as good as Price. Let’s stick with a Von Hayes sort of trade.

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