Not much of a post here, but the Akron Aeros, the Tribe’s Class AA farm team, have undergone a name change. The newly christened Akron RubberDucks feature a duck clad in yellow/orange with rubber feathers and a scowl across it bill that would scare those Disney Ducks of the ice.

The club’s new colors appear to be teal, orange, yellow and black. And the name harkens back to the city’s pride as the “Rubber Capital of the World.”

What are everybody’s thoughts? Like it or hate it?

Here’s a link to the logos, hats, and uniforms


  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I’m torn…I think it’s kind of dumb, but I’m a big fan of ducks in general. So I kind of like the logo itself even if the name is weird. May be able to get a good discount on a used Orbit costume!

  • medfest says:


    Geez……………….marketing genius from Wharton must have thought that one up.
    No wonder this country is going to hell in hand basket.

  • Sean Porter says:

    I’m with Stephanie – the duck logo is actually pretty cool.

    The name, on the other hand, is ridiculous. This coming from someone who never liked the name “Aeros” either. Apparently they are keeping Orbit, and adding some kind of duck mascot too.

  • Glenn says:

    A terrible choice. There was nothing wrong with the team’s name. The uniforms and logo could have used a revision. But I can’t see myself wearing anything with that name on it – and the duck is beyond ugly. Personally, I think this is a big mistake. It may be a misfire by the new owner since response on Facebook and the website is running about 90% negative.

  • Susan Petrone says:

    When the team says the new official colors are “Blue Flame, Racing Yellow, Fire Orange and Tire Black,” methinks the lady doth protest too much. I love ducks, but this decision feels like a bust.

  • Swift says:

    I think its funny how worked up people seem to be getting about this. They only became the Aeros in 1997 and I never figured out what an “Aero” was. And just think about how the sales of bath toys will boost Akron’s economy. What should they have named the team, the Akron Whitewalls?

    I want to see a cage match between the Rubber Duck and Zippy, the University of Akron’s mascot. I’ll give you 2:1 on Zippy. :D

  • DiO says:

    I kind of like it… But I think if you going to that name, why not assume it and put a real rubber duck in the logo?

  • D.P. Roberts says:

    Something something Ernie, indeed. Rubber duckies, I’m not very, very fond of you.