I guess none of us should be surprised that this day has come. It appears that Chief Wahoo’s day of reckoning may be drawing closer.

The whole name/racist logo conversation now in full swing with everyone from your neighbor to Obama having their say on the hot-button topics. And it appears the Indians are taking note of the sea change in the public’s perception.

The front office is asking for the opinion of ticket buyers for their opinion on all three of the Indians’ current logos (Wahoo; script I; block C). Whether it actually goes anywhere is anyone’s guess, but it’s for the best to cover all of the politically-correct bases just to be safe.

It does seem doubtful that any significant change will be made. But with the sudden uproar across the sports landscape, it’s not something that can just be ignored anymore. The “big-picture” has gotten really small in just a matter of weeks around here due to a small handful of fans who painted their faces in Chief Wahoo’s likeness for the Wild Card game, which in turn, cranked the spotlight towards our team hotter than it ever has before.

It was a clear signal that what was okay in the past might not fly today on a national scale.

It will be a tough sell to do away with our beloved Chief, but if for nothing else, it may be worth putting his likeness to rest simply on the basis of keeping the suddenly vocal dissenters from breathing down the club’s neck. And it’s highly unlikely that the team would see a total rebranding, but with the growing furor from voices from the outside, not even that can be completely seen as impossible.

The bottom line is that times are changing. The Indians are doing the right thing here, even if it costs them the most familiar face in team history.


  • Swift says:

    I will say what I’ve said for years. I don’t think Chief Wahoo is the worst thing that has ever been done to Native Americans, I can’t see how anyone can think it is not at least a little offensive.

    I think the team should drop it as an official logo: remove him from uniforms, stop selling offical team items with it, take down any Wahoo banners. But if individual fans want to use it, that’s their business. Keep wearing your shirts (I probably have enough Indians t-shirts with the Chief to last the rest of my life); paint your face, if that’s what you want to do.

    Heck, maybe some change in karma would be good for the team.

  • Ryan McCrystal says:

    My stance has and always will be that it’s a cartoon image and nothing more. It’s no more insensitive than the Notre Dame or Boston Celtics logos are to the Irish. They’re just caricatures.

    That said I think it’s great that the Indians are polling their fans for their opinion. I love that the team seems to genuinely consider the fans’ opinion on big picture issues such as this.

    • flbrandon says:

      I feel Ryan Mc. is on the right track- that is a cartoon image… perhaps “Wahoo” is insensitive though—how about we change our name to the Tecumsehs, to honor that great Ohio area indian leader and adopt a dignified portrait shot of him as our logo…hopefully this would be seen as positive… I grew up with C.W. as a NYC kid and will always be a Tribe fan even if we call ourselves the Spiders. Actually nothing wrong with that either but it would feel disloyal to the chief.

  • Jackson McHenry says:

    Drop the stupid looking Chief Wahoo Logo. Keep the INDIANS name but put it in block letters on the uniform at home and on the road. Jazz up the block C on the cap, and keep the Navy Blue and Red and White color scheme.

    Now all that, and a right handed slugger will win you more games.

  • Aaron says:

    Coming from a Cherokee heritage, I have no problem with the logo. It doesn’t offend me or any of my family. People now a days are afraid of everything. Why change something that has been around longer than most of us have been alive. It’s not out of disrespect to have Chief Wahoo. If anything I’m happy that Native Americans get recognition in sports. This in my eyes is becoming a poor example of all Americans and lack of tolerance for a character who does not represent the Native American culture.

  • CherokeeJacket says:

    This is simply political correctness run amok. Leave Chief Wahoo well enough alone, already. I’m starting to think “being offended” is now a part of the Bill of Rights or something.

  • Wyoung says:

    Keep logo. Road jerseys script cleveland, home script Indians. Does any of the original 16 franchise change uni’s more than Cleveland? No way.

  • Jason Williams says:

    Why change the logo if you’re keeping the name? “Wahoo” and “Indians” are the same thing as far as representing the Indian culture. I do respect the organization for asking the fans. I think this is how everything should be decided. We’re the ones paying salaries, we should have a voice.
    Personally, I vote to “keep” it and roll on. Government has more things to worry about than sports logos.

  • Michael Hagesfeld says:

    Would love it if they would just gently, slowly put the Chief out to pasture. Just over the next few years ease him out of the picture…Block C caps, take him off jersey patches, then out of marketing.

    • Jeff cantor says:

      Keep Chief Wahoo, he’s been associated with the Cleveland Iindians for many years and should keep on representing them.
      The P. C. Police should take a hike,

  • Peter says:

    Keep the Chief!

  • Sean Porter says:

    Change the team’s name to the Cleveland Spiders. First, the whole Wahoo controversy would be eliminated, and second, we could have perhaps the coolest logo and merchandise in MLB.

    Ok, I’m just kidding above. But seriously, if the baseball team would have changed their name in the late 40s to the Cleveland “Negroes” in honor of Larry Doby, and had a similar logo depicting black Americans, would this even be a question?

  • D.P. Roberts says:

    I feel the same way about Chief Wahoo as I do about Chris Perez smoking weed. It’s bad publicity, and a distraction for the team. If Chris Perez wants to move to Colorado and smoke legally, fine. He wouldn’t be arrested, and it probably wouldn’t make the news any more. If fans want to wear Chief Wahoo on their own, fine, but it doesn’t mean that the team has to condone it.

  • Grant says:

    I am old dude and a longtime Cleveland fan, but I believe it is time to retire Chief Wahoo, perhaps just use Cleveland on the shirts, the C on the caps, and perhaps become the “Tribe”. Just a thought I will them love just same. But please no “Spiders”

  • Pete says:

    “The Cleve” across the Shirts away. “Believeland” on the shirts for home.