One of the most fun aspects of running is interacting with readers via the comments or on Twitter. We’re all dedicated fans, so it’s great to talk to readers who share our collective obsession regarding the Cleveland Indians.

A number of IPL writers are on Twitter. If you want to keep track of what your favorite IPL writers are up, follow any or all of us on Twitter. A list of Twitter handles is below. We don’t know where October baseball will take us, but let’s enjoy the ride together!

Chris Burnham @CMB1979
Adam Hintz @palagoon
Matt Hutton @mhutton722
Justin Lada @Jl_baseball
Stephanie Liscio @stephanieliscio
Ryan McCrystal @tribefanmcc
Vern Morrison @VernMorrison
Susan Petrone @SusanPetrone
Joseph Werner @ReleasePoints
David White @DavyWhite

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