Just in case you want to chat during the Tampa Bay – Texas game, as we wait to see who the Tribe will face on Wednesday, here’s an open thread for you!


  • Seattle Stu says:

    curious move by Wash to pull perez with just 74 pitches under wing and no one on base…in earlier interview he said he’d pull him if someone got on…then sticks w/ ugando as he steps further into trouble….with no one up in pen….i’m thinking he’s gone if they dont win this game…another late season collapse spells K-O.

  • Aaron says:

    Possibly, but I think wash gets a pass for the injuries and fa losses of Hamilton and Young, plus I think he’s still really popular. It’s not like USC firing Kiffin this weekend where the players seem happy about it.

    On another note, I’m glad both teams burned their best lefty’s tonight regardless of what happens. Even tho it’s way better than last season where every game is vs a left-handed starter was almost a guaranteed loss, I still like the lineup way better vs RH pitching. Is Cobb a righty?

  • Seattle Stu says:

    …righty….hopefully TEX can push through a bit more of the pen

  • Aaron says:

    The announcers are right- this should be a runaway. Between that blown call and the men lob, Texas is lucky to still be in it.

  • Aaron says:

    Well unless the Rays are bringing Chris Perez out for the bottom of the 9th, this ones probably over.

  • Aaron says:

    Man it looked like Beltre killed that

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Alex Cobb (who the Tribe will face Wednesday if Tampa hangs on here) terrifies me. He shut the Indians down this year – made it into the 8th, 0 ER and just 4 hits. He’s had a great September too. Not that Matt Garza is “easy” but I felt better about him than I did Cobb.

  • Aaron says:

    Hopefully they get really, really drunk now.

  • shaun says:

    this is gonna be tough…lets hope the boys get patient and watch that ball. no need to panic

  • D.P. Roberts says:

    The Indians went 2-4 against Tampa this year. Here’s a brief recap of those games:

    1: April 5: Indians lost 4-0. Z-Mac pitched okay, but hapless hitters ran into Matt Moore, & only got 2 hits all game (both by Bourn).

    2. April 6: Indians lost 5-0. Alex Cobb stymied Indians hitters, Trevor Bauer gave up 3 ER in 5 innings. Most importantly for the Indians, this was the game where Lou Marson got hurt and was done for the season.

    3. April 7: Indians win 13-0. The Indians destroyed David Price, for 8 runs, including 2 3-run homers by Chisenhall and Reynolds. Santana has a career-high 5 hits. Masterson was masterful. So, we lost this series 2-1, but outscored Tampa 13-9.

    4. May 31: Tampa wins 9-2. This game was notable for 5 hours of rain delays. Cleveland only managed 2 hits (Reynolds and Raburn). Kluber had a solid 2 innings before the first rain delay. Scott Barnes gave up 5 ER (his last appearance of the season), Rich Hill gave up 3.

    5. June 1: Indians win 5-0. Amazing performance by Ubaldo Jimenez, who went 8 shutout innings. Everyone was tired for this day game after the previous game ended well after midnight. Aviles, Giambi, and Kipnis each had 2 hits, Giambi & Cabrera homered.

    6. June 2: Rays 11, Indians 3. Not a good start by Z-Mac, who gave up 5 ER in 4 1/3. Hagedone gave up 2 ER, Rich Hill 3.

    I think the important takeaways here are:

    1) These games happened over FOUR MONTHS ago. A lot has changed since then – no Reynolds (who hit pretty well in those games), but no Trevor Bauer, Hagedone, Marson, or Barnes.

    2) Overall, those were some pretty important and interesting games. We have Gomes because of those games.

    3) Weather was prominent. Crowds were minimal – a few dozen after the rain delays. The forecast for Wednesday is clear and sunny, 77 degrees, and it will be a sellout (the first since opening day?)

    4) It’s safe to say that the Rays had figured out Rich Hill. rZep may be busy in this game.

    5) I’m beginning to wish the Wild Card game had featured Price vs. Jimenez. If Texas hadn’t made their run at the end, that’s probably what it would have been.

  • Alex says:

    oh ffs, they didn’t even use their bullpen. Sigh.