I don’t need to tell you what the Indians did this week. You know it already.

We don’t need to complain about “The Trade” with Colorado. It has been justified. Finally.

We don’t need to defend against others for the September schedule. They played who they had to play.

We don’t need to worry about Chris Perez. Justin Masterson is the Indians’ version of Curt Schilling.

We don’t need to worry about Jason Giambi’s batting average. There is still magic in his bat.

We don’t need to worry about Asdrubal Cabrera performing below his usual norms. It’s a new season.

We don’t need to worry about who the Indians play. Let them beat each other up tomorrow.

We don’t need to worry about the rotation. They’ve earned our faith.

We don’t need to worry about the bullpen. Francona knows how to work one.

We don’t need to worry about the opponent’s running game. Well, unless we meet Billy Hamilton.

The Indians have silenced their critics. They’re playing with house money. They’re loose they’re confident. They’re going to be refreshed with two full days off.

The Jake is sold out. The Jake will be rocking. The Rays or Rangers are in the way.

And I’m not worried.


  • B Coffey says:

    DUH…To the TV pundits on the Indians schedule: WE DON’T CHOOSE IT! The schedule is balanced for everyone. All the scheduling means is that had we played the Astros, Twins and White Sox earlier in the year like in July…we would have already been excellent and then struggled the last 10 days of the season. Either way, we’re still playing in October.

    Everyone plays a different schedule, at different times. Where is the logic in going after the Indians schedule in September? You can almost “hear” the DUH if you listen close enough.

    • ThatOneGuy says:

      That’s the thing about the schedules, MLB makes them and everyone plays the same number of games against good and bad teams (I mean, seriously, Texas treated Houston the way we treated the White Sox, but only we had a weak schedule?). Harder teams now would have meant easier teams earlier. That would mean we’d have clinched a WC spot a week and a half ago.

  • Seattle Stu says:


  • Jonathan says:

    The Dodgers, A’s, and Braves all had weaker SoS, and edged us by a game or few. So overrated – of course your strength of schedule will be lower when YOU BEAT A LOT OF THE TEAMS YOU PLAY.