Scott Kazmir takes on Cole De Vries this afternoon as the Indians continue their push for one of the two wild card spots.  Kazmir was phenomenal in his last start against the Astros on September 21, giving up 0 ER on 4 hits over 7 innings pitched.  He’s faced Minnesota three times this season, most recently on August 25 when he gave up just 1 ER on 7 hits over 6 innings pitched.  On July 19 he surrendered 0 ER on 2 hits over 6 innings, and on June 21 he allowed 1 ER on 5 hits over 7 innings pitched.  He needs to continue to perform like this against them this afternoon.

De Vries has a horrendous ERA (11.70), but he’s only made three starts this year, all in September.  In his most recent start against Oakland on September 22, he lasted just 2 innings giving up 6 ER on 4 hits, walking 3.  De Vries actually faced the Indians in his final start last season and did very well – he allowed 0 ER on just 3 hits over 6 innings pitched.  He had a fairly decent season last year, particularly in late August and September.  Hopefully we see the version that pitched last Sunday against the Athletics.

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  • Indian@CostaRica says:

    Angels doing everything in their power to lose AGAIN! Last night was the same deal… Hope Kazmir throws a gem today!!!

  • Seattle Stu says:

    hellooooo tribe fans!….game is showing up as delayed….any color commentary?

  • Pat S says:

    Today is when being out of the regional broadcast sucks as I have no way of watching the game since it is not available via

  • Sean Porter says:

    Weather delay somehow has to be Chris Perez’s fault… ;o)

  • Robert says:’s policy with these regional broadcasts is just silly. I understand deferring to the network broadcast and the blackouts… but only insofar as one can actually watch the network broadcast. The Cinci v. Pirates games is broadcasting on Fox in Chicago, so there’s presently no way to watch.

  • Aaron says:

    Any weather updates????

  • Seattle Stu says:

    rainout could really get interesting scheduling/pitching/weariness wise, particularly if we end up in a play-in game situation.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    per supposed to get underway in 15 mins, weather moving out….

  • Seattle Stu says:

    Kaz dealing….1-2-3 1st w/ 2 K’s….c’mon boys!

  • Scott says:

    Never been more of a Jays and Angels fan

  • Seattle Stu says:

    Jays come through…home field is now in our complete control….carlos goes yard for 2-0 lead…c’mon lads!!

  • Steve says:

    Home Run Santana! Great payoff from that long at-bat from Kipnis.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    taking control…5-1…

  • Seattle Stu says:

    what a comeback season for Kazmir, 10-9, 4 ERA….strong outing today – 11K’s

  • shaun says:

    i’m still in limbo wondering when i should book my ticket to cleveland from canada!

  • shaun says:

    i think the second last time that perkins was pitching us, his fly was undone.

  • Albin0 Rhin0 says:

    I’m in Boston next week on business. Timing couldn’t be better. Close this one out, Joe!!!!!!

  • Seattle Stu says:

    yeah baby, 91 wins….guaranteed play-in game….

  • shaun says:

    YAYYYY we get to play another game!!!!!!!!!

  • Seattle Stu says:

    i’m tempted to run someone out there besides jiminez tomorrow to keep him dry for WC….thoughts?

    • D.P. Roberts says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing – tomorrow isn’t a “must win” but a tiebreaker / Wild Card would be.

      However, if we DO win tomorrow, then there are no tiebreakers for the Indians. Sure, you’d have to start Salazar (or somebody) on Wednesday, but if we win THAT game, then Jimenez could start Friday (on 5 days’ rest) vs. the Red Sox.

      On the other hand, if you DON’T start him tomorrow, and the Indians were to lose, you’d (probably) have to start him in a tiebreaker game, and lose him from the actual Wild Card game anyway.

      Either way, I think it’s funny that even a few months ago, many fans were trying to figure out how to AVOID having Jimenez pitch, & now we’d like him to pitch as often as possible!

      • Seattle Stu says:

        that is so true – Ubusto no more….i thinking putting it all together i wouldnt throw him tomorrow….the team is surging, starting pitching beyond UJ has been quite solid and the Twinkies are ready to just mail this in….we dont need a shutout, just a solid outing and a few runs from a rejuveanted lineup….worst case we have him for play-in, which puts us no further behind for WC because if we pitched him tomorrow he cant pitch that game anyway.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    I am stunned we are 5th highest in MLB runs scored given we have just 2 guys w/ 20+ dingers (barely, at 20 & 21), a high RBI man of 84 and a team BA of .250….and my eye test had me thinking we struggeld to score all year.

    • Sean Porter says:

      Amazing, isn’t it?

      Looking at the team batting statistics for the American League, the one obvious thought right away is: “It sure isn’t 1995 anymore!”

      I might be in the minority – but I don’t miss the days of 180lb shortstops hitting 35 homeruns. I actually enjoy watching “baseball”, not the steriods-infused glorified homerun derby of the 90s and 00s…

  • Edward says:

    10 players with at least 10 home runs. Also, don’t forget Reynolds had 13 home runs in one month before going ice cold and getting traded. ROLL TRIBE

  • medfest says:

    One game away!

    Umpire Larry Vanover is out of position so much,that using the Kama Sutra would probably kill him.