I initially saw that this game would be Corey Kluber against Danny Duffy – however, Kluber will now square off against Yordano Ventura.  It sounds as if Duffy, who had Tommy John surgery last season, has some arm discomfort and his start will be pushed back to next week.  This is Ventura’s major league debut – the 22-year-old RHP had a 3.14 ERA and a 1.28 WHIP in the minors.  He reportedly has a very good fastball that can push 100 mph.

There are several Royals that have had success against Kluber this season – Mike Moustakas .375/.375/.500 (8 plate appearances), Salvador Perez .400/.500/.600 (6 PA), David Lough .400/.400/.800 (5 PA), Jamey Carroll .667/.667/.667 (3 PA), and George Kottaras .333/.333/.667 (3 PA).  Kluber has handled several of their big hitters very well though – Alex Gordon is hitting just .111/.273/.444 (11 PA), Billy Butler .111/.111/.222 (9 PA), Alcides Escobar .222/.222/.222 (9 PA), while Eric Hosmer and Jarrod Dyson are hitless against him this season.

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  • shaun says:

    this game feels like one of those ones where the indians bats don’t wake up until the 6th inning

  • shaun says:

    now that we’re into the 3rd, and as painful as it is to say this, KC is the much more deserving team to win this game, at the least. they are showing the aggression, confidence and energy that is required to win. the tribe looks apathetic

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I was seriously ready to set my TV on fire at one point. It was maddening. Now that they fought back, they need to keep it going.

  • Weston says:

    Come on Perez! 3 outs and we finally win a high pressure clutch game!

  • Sean Porter says:

    If the Indians make it into the playoffs – THIS game will be the reason why.

    Absolutely clutch performance tonight by Michael Bourn.

  • Gvl Steve says:

    Huge win tonight. This was a pivotal game, especially after dropping 3 in a row to KC. To come back from 3-0 like that can be a momentum booster too, and take the wind out of their sails. We’ll see tomorrow. Now we have a chance to win the series and put the Royals in the rearview mirror.

    • shaun says:

      Not to be a Debbie downer but although I’m excited for the Salazar start, I’m not excited about the innings limit. I would foresee carrasco/albers going at least 2 followed by smith?

  • John says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Tomlin again, if Dany has to leave early again. He was great before he was hurt.