Ode to a Playoff Berth

September 12, 2013

I’ve never been much for numbers, I’ve always preferred words.
Fractions, sets, and integers lose out to nouns and verbs.
But this time of year I find myself in a mathematical dance
Trying hard to calculate the Indians’ playoff chance.

If KC can beat Detroit, the Tigers drop a game
But that won’t help us out at all ‘cuz then the Royals gain.
If the Twins can beat the A’s (and there’s frost in hell),
We’ll move up in the Wild Card and that would be just swell.

Percentage wise our playoff chance is not quite one in five
(Okay, nineteen point three percent in sabermetic jive).
That’s down from Wednesday but up from last week so it’s not a tragedy
Overall our chances show a slight upward traject’ry.

All this talk about the odds and match-ups and the rest
Doesn’t address the simplest solution that’s the best
Just have the Tribe win every game in a run-inducing flurry
I’ll buy my playoff tix and leave the other teams to worry.


  • Christian Camlin says:

    It’s funny I have spent over 40 years following the Tribe.Right now they have the best manager I can remember.And he has built a team with a real shot this year that will be even better next Year.In 1997 I stayed with them until their last out when those horrible fish stole the series because we trusted Jose Mesa when we should have left Brian Anderson in.But The Next day I hopped in my car and drove back to KC and I have not seen the Cleveland Skyline since then.And ther is my dilemma.I have actually grown to love these Royals.Alex Gordon, James Shields, Jarrod Dyson,Greg Holland,Eric Hosmer, Bruce Chen,Luke Hochevar and more.This army of kids got into my heart as a baseball fan.Big problem when both teams are fighting for the same playoff spot and they have 6 september games.3 are done now but it looks like both teams are destroying each other’s hope of making the playoff’s.Next week I’m rooting for a sweep of the series.But It does not matter to me which team sweeps just that a sweep takes place.Whoever takes the first game I will root for to win the next 2.Because lets face it we won’t see them both in this years playoffs.but it sure would be nice to see 1 of them make the Playoff’s

    • Kevin says:

      It would be terrible to see the Kansas City Royals in the playoffs, probably one of the worst experiences I could ever have.

  • Mike says:

    You must be one strong person considering what the Royals have done since ’97. I actually believe they will finish 2nd ahead of the Tribe. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Nick Tozzi says:

    Your words capture what following a team’s playoff chase is all about, Susan. It’s great to have meaningful games in September again and let’s keep our fingers (and toes) crossed for that playoff berth.

    I recall listening to Tom Hamilton call a playoff game while I was driving home from work back in ’96 or ’97 as I enjoyed the colors of the autumn leaves. That was a special moment, indeed.


  • Thanks Susan, your poem gets the feeling of the season just right. I just reposted it Bardball.com.

  • Tribe Fan in San Diego says:

    Nice poem, well done!