The Indians are so close, they can taste it. But for every two steps forward, they have one of their annoying “two-steps-back” games.

But as long as they continue to win series down the stretch, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about. With the emergence of the Indians’ young rotation, it has been made it easier to dream about a 163rd game at the very least.

The big question is how that same young rotation manages the very real possibility of Justin Masterson’s injury is a season-ending issue. While Corey Kluber returned from the DL on Saturday to excellent results, Zach McAllister being steady as usual, and Danny Salazar electrifies with every start, the onus to keep the Indians within the two-game Wild Card deficit may hinge on the chancy arms of Ubaldo Jimenez and Scott Kazmir leading the way.

This is a far cry from where things were in April and May. And the success of the pitching has been vital to the team’s success, because as Boss Liscio notes…

Since the All-Star break, Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting just .201/.247/.317 and Michael Bourn is hitting .219/.295/.309. In September, Cabrera is hitting .056, Bourn .174, and Drew Stubbs .176.

Yeesh. I knew it’s been bad. But not that bad. But you didn’t have to look back far to see the glaring proof, as the Indians scored 17 runs in the first two games against the Mets, only to totally fall asleep at the wheel on Sunday. To top it off, Chris Perez capped his ignominious week by serving up the game-winner yesterday.

Suffice to say, I would not be surprised to find out if we are witnessing the last few weeks of the Chris Perez era with the Tribe. It just feels like the best course of action. We shall see.

But it is what it is. The Indians are breathing down the Rays’ necks, who had a west-coast swing to forget, which allowed the Indians to really apply the pressure. And that leads us to the Royals, who actually were chummy in taking two of three from Detroit over the weekend (if you’re still dreaming big).

So the “soft September” thing may actually be a thing, with the guys winning five of seven, leading to a pivotal series stating tonight. Win the series, and the pendulum swings in our favor the rest of the way.

October is so close they can taste it.


  • The Doctor says:

    perez has been an absolute disaster in his last dozen or so appearances. there is no way he can be trusted to close out games if we somehow miraculously make the playoffs.

    • Peter says:

      I keep wondering if he is hurt again or just mentally already gone. He probably wants out of Cleveland as much as we are ready for him to go. It just kills any hope of a sign and trade.

    • Drew says:

      in his last 12 outings: he is has 13IP, 6 saves, 1 loss and 1 Blown save (the Indians did win the game in which he blew the save). During tha time, he has allowed 6 runs, 15 hits and 5 BBs for a 1.54 WHIP for an awesome 4.15 ERA. That does not a closer make. Somehow, he has 0.3 WAR this season.

  • Robert says:

    I’m very much enjoying Tito’s choice to put Gomes behind the plate tonight instead of Carlos. He should be 3 for 3 throwing out the SB league-leading Royals if Asdrubal doesn’t try to tag Alex Gordon before catching the ball. Hope to see more of the same the rest of the series (if not the rest of the season).

  • Leo says:

    No Perez tonight thank you Tito.

  • Leo says:

    Time to tack on another 6 or 7, just to take the tension out of the inevitable.

  • Robert says:

    Oh look, Perez just let the first 2 runners on base in a 1 run game. Lovely.

  • Leo says:

    For the love of dog, please let that be the last we see of him in an Indians shirt. If they want to make it to the playoffs he cannot be used again. He’s just not a good relief pitcher, end of story. He’s 25th or worse in nearly every category and being paid $7m.

  • The Doctor (in Training) says:

    Did somebody call for an ace? In Ubaldo we trust!

  • Tribe Fan in San Diego says:

    Perez is just terrible lately, I don’t know why they even put him in.

    I really think the Indians just need to keep winning 2/3 and we have a good wild card shot. The teams we are competing against are playing against each other a lot.