Near the middle of last month – August 13, to be exact – I wrote a post examining how the Indians will potentially handle Ubaldo Jimenez’s upcoming option. I realized over this past weekend that I was wrong, or at least partially wrong.

According to the mercurial right-hander’s Baseball Reference page, 2014 is a team controlled option. That’s incorrect; it’s actually an $8 million mutual option. Meaning: both parties – Jimenez and the Indians – have to exercise the option.

Of course, this changes things quite a bit.

The front office, undoubtedly, will pick up their half of the option. But Jimenez, who’s numbers have drastically improved over his disastrous 2012, will decline his right and look to sign a mutli-year deal.

As far as the length and cost, Jimenez will more likely than not get a three-year, $32 million; or at least something in that range.

Despite his age, 29, no team is going to offer anything more than three years due to his struggles from 2011 to 2012. But as he’s proven this year, he’s still a solid mid-rotation guy, capable of chewing innings and flashing the occasional dominant performance.

Assuming his 2012 was the career anomaly, he’s about a 2.5-win player. Again, assuming he can replicate that moving forward for the next three years that would mean he’s going to be worth about $40 million in production.

Now, are the Indians going to offer anything close to that?

That’s a whole other story.


  • medfest says:

    If Edwin Jackson can get a 4 year 52 million dollar deal,then nothing Ubaldo gets would surprise me.

  • Gvl Steve says:

    The turnaround has been remarkable. With hard work and unwavering determination, the guy relearned how to pitch and saved his career. He’s taken nearly two runs off his ERA this year. He still flirts with disaster a lot and runs up his pitch count, so any team that signs him will need other workhorses in its rotation and/or a deep bullpen. He’s in an ideal situation in Cleveland with a staff that knows how to use him and protect him. Given his fragile mechanics and confidence, it might be in his best interest to exercise that option and stay. However, I can understand wanting the security of a big contract if someone is willing to offer him one.

  • Sean Porter says:

    Ubaldo once again becoming a legit starting pitcher is a nice story. He seems like a good enough guy and it speaks well of Mickey Callaway.

    But in my humble opinion ANY contract offer over a one year deal for Ubaldo for ’14 is a potential GM job-killer.

    Would anyone be surprised if next year he reverted back to a 5.00 ERA?