There was a point where I really didn’t want to stay up and watch this game anymore.  It hits a point where enough is enough, and that point for me was when Michael Bourn threw his arms in the air in the fourth inning as the routine fly ball landed behind him.  I love baseball, and I love the Indians – but some nights (heck, weeks) enough is enough.  The rain storm that paused the game in the eighth inning put the Indians, and fans, out of their misery for the night.  Since the Indians really only score one or two runs a game at this point, you can be pretty certain that they’re not going to overcome a 7-2 deficit.

McAllister had pitched against the Tigers two times this season prior to tonight.  He did a good job back in May, but earlier this month it was disastrous (Ryan Raburn made his pitching debut later in the game).  I hoped that perhaps he could rediscover his form from May, but it was another bad game for him.  In his defense, the Bourn missed fly ball could have helped somewhat; unfortunately that wasn’t responsible for all of the damage.  He struggled with command as well, and only lasted into the fourth inning; by that point, he had already walked four.

The main story of the night once again was the offense (or lack thereof).  At this point, Indians pitchers pretty much have to pitch a shutout just to give the anemic offense a chance to win a ballgame.  I still don’t understand the power that Rick Porcello holds over the Indians.  He’s been the Tigers’ weakest starter this year, but coming into tonight there were only two Indians that were hitting over .200 against him this season – Jason Kipnis and Yan Gomes.  Unfortunately when Gomes came to bat with the bases loaded, Al Alburquerque was in the ballgame.  He was struggling with his command and had already walked in a run; Gomes helped him out by swinging at some pitches out of the strike zone.  The Indians actually managed to get on base tonight – the only starter to not reach via a hit or walk was Drew Stubbs.  Everyone else was on base at least once.  The Indians were 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position and stranded 7 on base.  So far this road trip, they’re 1 for 25 with runners in scoring position, and have stranded 30 runners on base.  In four games, the Indians have scored just 5 runs – they’ve been outscored by their opponent 15-5.  What’s sad is that they’re wasting decent pitching (outside of tonight) and could have done better with just a bit of offensive power.

I don’t think this is something that is suddenly going to change with the acquisitions of Jason Kubel and Kelly Shoppach.  A lot of the team just looks frustrated and lost right now, and I’m not sure what can be done to repair the damage with just a month remaining in the season.  All I’m hoping for during the rest of the Tigers series, is that I at least don’t find myself praying for rain around the fifth inning.

Additional thoughts:

- The Indians were able to snag Shoppach today because he was released from the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates’ Triple-A club, along with Russ Canzler earlier this week.  Russ Canzler has become baseball’s answer to Kevin Bacon – we can all play “Six Degrees of Russ Canzler” now.

- I was kind of surprised that Miguel Cabrera even started tonight, since he appears to be in pain.  Even injured he’s still better than most players, but I can’t imagine risking making his issues worse.  Sadly, at this point the Tigers could beat the Indians with half of the starters on the bench.

- I was never happier to post this picture tonight:



  • Chris Burnham says:

    Tampa, God love ‘em, is at least trying to keep us in the conversation.

  • Gvl Steve says:

    More of the same. Not surprised. Three Augusts, three collapses. Don’t understand it. The whole team forgot how to hit? We need a bases loaded walk and a double play to score two runs, our best offensive output in almost a week. What happened to this team?

    • Kevin says:

      This isn’t what collapse looks like, this is merely stagnation. It sucks but you will not compare this year to last year!

      • Gvl Steve says:

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but an entire team hitting .225 for over a month when they are supposedly contending for the postseason fits my definition of collapse (or choke). The only difference from last year is that the pitching staff is standing on its head and winning a few close games.

  • Bill says:

    Ive always been a big Jason Kubel fan. I dont see any reason why he shouldnt be starting somewhere tonight, he cant hit any worse than the rest of the team. Hopefully a change in scenery helps him out and he finds the pop in his bat that has been missing all year.

  • Mike says:

    The pirates traded for Justin Morneau. Why the heck didnt the tribe make a play on him?

  • Leo O'Neill says:

    At the end of the day it only matters what the Dolans think is a successful season. They were convinced to spend money last offseason to bring success. If if was to get better, they’ve done that. If it was to get to the postseason that’s looking less likely now. Between Myers, Reynolds and presumably Perez they’ve 21m coming off the budget, add in Cabrera that’s up to 28m. That’s either going back into the Dolan’s pocket or used to strengthen depending on their view of the season. That’s a high end starter and 2 solid bats which could be the difference come next year