Well it wasn’t pretty, but I guess a win is a win.  The Tribe had a pretty rough day offensively and a horrible day defensively.  Twins starter Mike Pelfrey walked 6 batters in his 5 innings, but the Tribe only mustered 2 hits and 1 run against Pelfrey.  They left 12 runners on base today overall and struggled to take advantage of opportunities.

Defensively, Asdrubal Cabrera continued his subpar season at shortstop by botching a typical rundown play by dropping the ball and making an errant throw.  Scott Kazmir was also given an error on a pickoff play at second base, despite making a decent throw that should have been caught by Kipnis.  However, Kazmir was able to work around the errors and 7 hits that he allowed to limit the Twins to 1 run on a safety squeeze.  In the 7th, Cody Allen had to pull a Houdini act of his own after he had runners on first and third with no one out, partially due to an error on Allen on a pickoff (though the ball was certainly catchable on Swisher’s part), and a bunt base hit.  Again though, the Tribe’s pitching bailed out the defense as Allen managed to get through the inning unscathed.  In the 8th Jason Kipnis dropped a line drive hit right at him, but Joe Smith managed to work a scoreless inning nonetheless.  Fortunately, the Twins offense today was inefficient as well leaving 13 men on base, but Scott Kazmir and the Tribe bullpen deserves credit for that too.

I thought it was a pretty encouraging start for the most for Scott Kazmir.  After battling some fatigue of late and struggling in each of his last two starts, Kazmir bounced back nicely today.  He looked like he was in more of a rhythm today than in his previous starts, and he had good stuff today as well.  He struck out 8 batters in 6 innings of work, and threw 75 out of his 99 pitches for strikes.  The decision to give Kazmir some extra rest in between starts looks like it was a good call on the part of Terry Francona.

In the 8th inning Drew Stubbs saved the Tribe by launching a solo homer to center off of Jared Burton to give the Tribe the lead for good.  Nick Swisher would single in Michael Bourn later in the inning to give the Tribe the 3-1 lead.

We got the win today and that’s all that matters for now.  However, I must say that if the Tribe plays the way they did today during their upcoming road trip, the opposition certainly won’t be as kind as the Twins were today.  It’s rare to ever see a team make 4 errors in a game, nonetheless a team that’s supposed to be competing for the playoffs.  Like I said though, we’ll take the win and hope that the bad baseball the Tribe got out of their system today won’t resurface anytime soon.


  • Gvl Steve says:

    Games like today’s explain (1) how we’re 11 games over .500 with only a +40 run differential, and (2) why we are not yet in the same solar system as the best teams in the league. The team is vastly improved over last year, but last year’s team was one of the worst ever assembled so that isn’t necessarily saying a lot. This squad still pulls a lot of disappearing acts and maddening zombie attacks. But as long as the good streaks outnumber the bad streaks, we’re all along for the ride.

  • Swift says:

    “However, I must say that if the Tribe plays the way they did today during their upcoming road trip, the opposition certainly won’t be as kind as the Twins were today.”

    Yes. As you say, a win is a win, but the series against the Twins does not make me optimistic for the next week.