Stomach punches are the worst.

We are Cleveland Indians fans. So, naturally, you’d think we would be numb to the sense of severe disappointment that comes with unfulfilled expectations.

Collectively, we were feeling cautiously optimistic. On Monday, Corey Kluber was twirling what may have been his best start of his young career if taken into account who it was he was facing. Things were looking wonderful.

That is, until Chris Perez had the kind of game that unravels any sense of positivity. This would only lead to Twitter meltdowns and total despair.

And of course, fingers and Indians pitchers are not nice to one another.

Okay, okay, take some deep breaths, folks. As long as the Indians split, we’ll be fine. Right…?

Except Justin Verlander found himself. And Don Kelly, whose name looks and sounds like he should be boring me to death on Mad Men decides to do one thing: Show up against Justin Masterson. Once he does that, he reverts to 4-A posterboy against everybody else. Baseball is inexplicable sometimes.

So, now, the Indians are up against it. And it’s up to the new superhero, Danny Salazar. And he was hitting triple-digits, but he made the one mistake to a zombified Miguel Cabrera who wouldn’t have been able to beat your grandma in a mad dash to to first base right now. That pretty much convinced that the Tigers have sold their souls for a championship. Marc Rzepczynski, was brought in to not allow Prince Fielder to do exactly what he did, and that won another game for Detroit. And Zach McAllister’s ineffectiveness the next night cratered everything.

No it didn’t.

Kazmir blew up and the Indians were in full implosion mode on Saturday. And I was in “DESTROY ALL SUNSHINERS” mode.

Simply put, I’m tired of having the Indians only be able to carry a good thing for so long. And for the first half of the finale yesterday, it looked like more of the same. Yeah, they came back to win, but I believe that we are now in need of convincing again. With the Tribe headed to Target Field, they probably should win the series, but that’s been another hard place to get a win for whatever reason.

But if they want to get back into the conversation for the postseason, the time for mistakes are over. Otherwise, football season will come again with the Indians playing themselves out of sight and mind of those who are virtually Pavlovian to the gridiron once Labor Day rolls around.

This includes me.

Make me choose, Indians. Or, force me to use my DVR at least.

Time’s a-wastin’.


  • Gvl Steve says:

    Well we got off the schneid today with a furious comeback. Bourn and Swisher led the way with big hits, looking like the veteran leaders we were hoping they’d be. They really needed this one.

  • Sean Porter says:

    I really want to believe that the four game sweep at the hands of the Tigers will be a series we as Indians fans eventually look back at, almost fondly, as when the Tribe was at their lowest, before ripping off five consecutive A.L. Central titles under Francona, with a World Series title thrown in.

    I really want to believe that, because the reality of the situation today is that depressing.

  • medfest says:

    In six consecutive games the Indians faced Sanchez,Verlander,Fister,Scherzer,Weaver and Wilson.
    All of these guys have made all star teams,losing to them isn’t embarrassing or even unexpected.
    Hey I know it’s tough,I attended four out of the six.I’d like to smack Asdrubal Cabrera around right about now.

    This team has bounced back all season and it will again.How high is the question.