Short and not so sweet.

Not much to say other than WE ALL HAS A SAD. :-(

Hopefully, Vinnie can find his velocity and control so he can make it back up to the Tribe as soon as possible. This could not have been an easy turn of events after another electric finish. Gotta think it was a pretty somber room when the announcement was made.

Man, I’m bummed.


  • shaun says:

    i would have sent down joe smith instead of vinnie but what do i know

    • Chris Burnham says:

      I don’t think he has any options left. The Indians almost assuredly would lose him through waivers.

      • Sean Porter says:

        If I was the Indians organization, the next time the World Baseball Classic is on, I’d refuse to allow any of my players, especially my pitchers, to play.

        Neither Perez or Pestano came into this season right. I doubt its a coincidence. I have a feeling what Vinnie needs is for this season to be over, and to start fresh in ’14.

        • medfest says:

          I’m with you,Gomes skipped the WBC and look how his season has gone.

          Vinnie needs to find out if his arm is healthy,he can’t do that here.

  • J says:

    Is anyone as underwhelmed by the trade as I am? This cat is no better than any of our other relievers, except for the fact that he has 2 “z”s in his name. Maybe that will intimidate the Tigers hitters……

  • DaveR says:

    Totally agree with the WBC comments. Just look at Daisuke before and after.

  • Jeremy says:

    It’s hard to blame that on the WBC when other guys are going down to the Caribbean and playing winter ball; same thing right? But on the other hand everyone is right here as well…both guys looked ailing all season. Hopefully he can get this turned around. I don’t know what to blame but if you remember, Vinnie looked solid in the WBC.

    R Z E P C Z Y N S K I ……..doesn’t that look like an eye chart at first glance? Anyways, I believe in the organization, so I’ll watch with cautious optimism.

    • Chris Burnham says:

      It’s funny that you’d say that. According to Jordan Bastian, that was his nickname when he was in Toronto.

      • Jeremy says:

        LOL. just saw that on Twitter. Athletes crack me up, they come up with the funniest nicknames for each other. It’s true though, that’s the first thing I thought when I was reading the news last night.

  • Austin says:

    I don’t hate the trade. The guy is 27 (I think), maybe a change of scenery will do him some good. Let’s not forget, he was pretty effective in the playoffs for the Cards a couple years ago. Didn’t give up much for him. Worth a shot IMO

    • Sean Porter says:

      We gave up a 19 year old shortstop, and our organization is chock-full of middle-infielders. Basically, we took a flyer on “Scrabble”…

  • Jim Shiplett says:

    I was surprised, however this might be a wakeup call for all the relievers. Your only as good as your last outing.
    Vinnie has given up a lot of HRs. He needs to get back to where he was last year. Just letting it fly.

  • Adam says:

    I really woulh have rather seen rich hill and his 6.35 era sent down, but im doing my best to have faith and optimism in the indians organization! it is cleveland so my hopes arent too high but hopefully vinny will be called up soon and be back to his old ways!!